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Don’t need to fly to Japan for their viral 10 Yen Pancakes (¥10 Pancakes), we’ve got our very own 10 Cent Pancake in Singapore.

If you’re wondering where the newly-opened pancake store is, and whether it’s just as good as Japan’s ¥10 Pancakes, we’ve got just the answers.

Located at Tanjong Pagar Plaza, 10 Cent Pancake is a newly-opened store that specialises in a mozeralla-loaded pancake. Think Mr Bean, but bigger and better, and way cheesier.

Is 10 Cent Pancake just as good as Japan’s?

Cheese stretch of 10 Cent Pancake Cheesy pancakes in Singapore
Check out how insanely long this cheese stretch actually is on our TikTok

When we first broke the news on our TikTok and Instagram, many Netizens were skeptical about whether Singapore’s cheesy pancake was just as good as Japan’s.

The short answer is — yes.

The pancake was soft and fluffy, and slightly less sweet compared to its Japanese counterpart. The Mozzarella filling was also more flavourful than what I remembered the ¥10 Pancake to be.

According to the founder, she intentionally chose this stronger-flavoured variation of Mozzarella to compensate for the lower amount of sugar used in her pancakes.

Cheesy pancake looking just like a 10 cent coin
Perfectly printed 10 cent face on the pancake

Maybe it was because I had the ¥10 Pancake during winter, but the Singapore version also seemed to be softer.

In addition to the pancake, 10 Cent Pancakes menu also comprises a small selection of coffee and iced tea.

How much does it cost?

Don’t be fooled by its name. One pancake actually costs $5.

Neglecting the fluctuating exchange rate, Singapore’s 10c pancake is actually priced the same way as Japan. Despite naming themselves ¥10 Pancakes, each pancake in Japan is priced at ¥500.

Where is 10 Cent Pancake located?

Head to the inside of the store where the coffee bar is located. There is a bench on the inside for 2 pax, and a few outdoor seats

10 Cent Pancake is located on the first floor of Tanjong Pagar Plaza. To get there, exit from Tanjong Pagar Exit A, cross the road till you reach the complex, and turn left.

If you’ve always wanted to try the famous cheesy ¥10 Pancakes in Singapore, here’s your chance.

10 Cent Pancakes

Location: 1 Tanjong Pagar Plz, #01-20, Singapore 082001

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