Are you sick and tired of facing the walls at home? Amusing videos of people counting their rice or hair surfacing on the internet has certainly brought much laughter. But you might be wondering, you’ll probably become one of them soon due to the intense boredom.

In this stage of desperation, humans have also became very creative in practicing social distancing while leading their normal life at home. Singalong sessions from apartment windows or hosting workout classes from a rooftop are a few of the many genius methods for entertainment and recreation.

Whether you’re affected by your country’s lockdown, or being stuck at home due to a Stay Home Notice (SHN) or Leave of Absence (LOA) issued by the government, hopefully this guide will be able to put off your boredom.

Ultimate Guide for Stay Home Activities

1. Download Netflix and binge watch movies/ TV series – One piece, new Korean drama Kingdom S2, Forensic Heroes on TVB, etc. This will probably last you a couple of hours everyday!

2. Get yourself a Nintendo switch to play the latest popular games including Animal Crossing New Horizons or Moving Out (Coming soon in late April). It’s probably a rather expensive investment, but make it worthwhile by maximising the playtime.

3. Pick up cooking or baking skills to impress your other half, or even better… Spend some time together whipping up a home-cooked meal for a romantic night (Hopefully there are groceries left though)

4. Catch up on World News to be well-informed of the situation, especially about the COVID-19. No more excuses to skip on reading news!

5. Learn how to play a musical instrument or brush up on your existing skills if any. With social distancing in place, you’ll probably not be able to get a personal instructor, but instruments like guitar can be self learnt!

6. Do some proper and thorough house cleaning. It’s not the time for spring cleaning, but since you’re going to spend most of your time at home, might as well keep it neat and tidy. You might want to reorganise your bomb shelter/ store room too, and it better not be for hoarding groceries and toilet paper excessively.

7. Reorganise your beauty or makeup stash, especially if you’re a beauty junkie. Now is probably the best time to do it, before you get busy again!

8. Do a Photobook of your best memories – family, friends, loved ones. It’s nice to put together everything you ever care about, and it reminds us to cherish our loved ones.

9. Exercise to keep your health in check. It’s not the best time to visit the gyms, so keep your workouts at home. Do a 14 day Yoga challenge or abs workout challenge.

10. Start writing a blog, especially if you’ve always wanted to do one. You can take this chance to pen down your thoughts, or share content about food, beauty or lifestyle.

11. Learn a skill online – there are so many free online courses on the Internet. You just have to take that step to learn something. Who knows it might be useful in the long run!

12. Groom your pet and clean their cage thoroughly, if you own a pet. You might be doing weekly maintenance for your pet’s cage, but when was the last time you did a complete and thorough cleaning? It’s also a great time for you to spend more quality time with your pet.

13. Rearrange your furniture or house decor. Search up on Pinterest for some great inspiring ideas.

14. Try a new makeup style. You might not be able to flaunt your looks in the public during this period, but surely a selfie works too.

15. Do your own manicure/pedicure and you might just develop some art skills from it! Who knows right?

16. Invest in a thorough skincare routine. It’s time to get your skin glowing and radiant, and you’ll likely see results at the end of the 2 weeks.

17. Read up on investments like trading and FOREX if that’s your kinda thing!

18. Fix a puzzle or do some art jamming if you’re more into the artsy stuff.

19. Read a book that you haven’t read before, especially great without any disturbance.

20. Singalong/ movie/ gaming session with your family. It’s not only about self love during this period, but it gives everyone an opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

COVID-19 has been dampening everyone’s spirits in the past few months. But since we’re unable to turn the situation around, we should make the best out of 2020. And it’s undeniably an opportunity to complete some of the tasks above with the ample time we have.

With that being said, it’s not the time to buy a pet out of impulse due to boredom. Stop hoarding food unnecessarily and spare a thought to those in need. Boredom might also trigger cravings for snacks or other unhealthy food, but remember to keep your health in check and avoid snacking excessively.

Last but not least, always remember to seek medical treatment immediately if you are feeling unwell! Let’s all be socially responsible and fight off this virus together!

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