A collaboration with Universal Studios Singapore, 2am: dessert bar by Janice Wong brings to you Minions High Tea.

I was pleasantly surprised by the abundance of minion decorations around the place. Really felt like a full-blown themed cafe.

The experience begins with a simple puzzle as you wait for your food to be served. We got mazes of two variations and a colouring paper with minions painted on it.

Playing with your food?

The first course consists of Edible Crayons, Rice Paper and a DIY Lollipop Experience.

I know that we were taught to not play with our food but don’t worry, this is all part of the experience. The Edible Crayons are essentially white chocolates with a harder consistency, designed such that you could use them like crayons (and yes, they work).

They had the milkiness of white chocolate, without the saccharine properties though, rendering a bite of chocolate that is perfumed with passionfruit and peppermint for orange and blue respectively. The passionfruit had a delightfully distinct tang but the peppermint could have a more emphatic mintiness.

Meanwhile, the rice paper was flavourless but you could smear it with the edible crayons for a touch of sweetness.

The main attraction

After about a 10 minutes wait came the piece de resistance. The top tier featured Kevins’ Popcorn Caramel Bon Bon, Orange Blossom Macaron, Vanilla Custard Mochi and Banana White Bean Snow Skin Mooncake while the bottom tier layer Stuart’s Lemon Tart, Banana Passionfruit Cake and Gru’s Bao.

Unfortunately, we started the meal with the tastiest item- the Vanilla Custard Mochi. Slightly cooled and filled with a rich and refreshing vanilla cream that reminded me of fresh Hokkaido milk, with a thin layer of mochi that adds just enough chew. It was truly the perfect bite.

Caramel Bon Bon at Minions High Tea, with Vanilla Custard Mochi in the foreground

My second favourite was the Caramel Bon Bon which takes you on a ride around Flavour Town. Your journey begins with an insanely decadent spike of a slightly salted caramel before gradually transitioning into the darker notes of dark chocolate. Lastly, ending with a bitter note.

Besides the Gru’s Bao which had a rough and dry texture and Stuart’s Lemon Tart which some may dislike due to its strong eggy flavour, everything else was kinda decent. 

Pro tip: get the Minions High Tea Set with an order of tater tots to balance out all the sweetness. You’ll need it.


2am: dessertbar’s Minions High Tea costs S$40 which I personally find an acceptable price. I mean, of course, you’re mainly paying for the Minion-themed decors and food, but the desserts were generally quite decent.

I will never walk into cartoon-themed cafes with high expectations, this included. But, the one thing that exceeded my expectations ten-fold, and was so good that I would literally buy a box of them home, was the Vanilla Custard Mochi. Seriously, it was celestial.

Do note that you’ll have to make a reservation on 2am dessert bar’s website.

Location: 21A Lor Liput, Singapore 277733
Tel: +65 6291 9727
Opening hours: 1pm- 12am (closed on Mondays)

*This article is written in collaboration with 2am: dessertbar

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