2Six Cafe has closed their East Coast outlet and relocated to Tampines and Margaret Drive.

Outdated review of 2Six Cafe at East Coast

Built on the philosophy for people to connect through food, 2Six Cafe is a cosy cafe located along East Coast Road. Famous for their crepe cakes, their menu also extends to classic brunch items, such as Big Breakfast and Eggs Benedict.

All-Day Breakfast

2six cafe eggs Benedict, brunch, breakfast

Their Eggs Benedict had the textbook presentation. A firm coating of egg whites, a thin layer of yolk which reveals a velvety stream of liquid gold as stainless steel slices in. Its sheen blends in with a similar shade of hollandaise that is generously slathered atop. On the side is a nice handful of greens to balance the richness of the yolks and sauce. However, it took a bite to realize that the dish was far from perfect.

While the eggs were runny, it was a few seconds from perfection, with traces of undercooked egg whites. Furthermore, the hollandaise was also too rich, resulting in a satiated flavour. Perhaps a dash of acidity from lemon juice would’ve helped with the balance. The sourdough was also under expectations, with a lack of the distinct bite that should be supposedly present. Furthermore, the texture was too dense. While you shouldn’t expect all cafes to bake sourdough as Micro Bakery does, this sourdough was a far cry from tasty.

That being said, one thing we really liked about the dish was the variety of toppings it had. On one slice of toast, were two crispy strips of bacon with a perfectly seasoned beef patty. And on the other laid a generous layer of sliced avocadoes with 2 slices of ham.

big breakfast, all day breakfast in singapore

For a simple dish that cannot go wrong, order the 2Six Breakfast which consists of a serving of scrambled eggs, baked beans, toast, sausage and bacon. The eggs were a little too dry for my liking, and could do with a touch less pepper. Otherwise, it was a great dish. But, it’s not like you can screw up such a simple dish anyway. And in my opinion, it’s never worth it to order Big Breakfasts outside.

Crepe Cakes

lavender crepe cake

We tried three of their Mille Crepe Cake ($7.9) — Lavender, Belgium Chocolate and Oreo. The general comment for the cakes is that they were slightly too firm. It was either the innate texture of the crepe or simply because it wasn’t thawed properly before the staff at 2Six Cafe served them.

Belgium chocolate crepe cake,

In terms of the flavours, the Lavender barely contained traces of the perfume. Nonetheless, we still enjoyed the subtle hint of sweetness of the fresh cream. I guess this would be a great cake if you’re not into strong lavender notes.

On the other hand, the Belgium Chocolate became too sacharin halfway through. It was quite a struggle to finish. That leaves the Oreo, which had a pleasant level of sweetness. But again, nothing much to brag about.

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We weren’t too impressed with the drinks. The blend of coffee used was decent, but there was nothing impressive about it. We also had a pot of Alisan Oolong which was lacking in aroma and had a ‘rough mouthfeel.

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It would’ve been a terrible experience if not for the Xindots sponsor and Burpple Beyond deal.

The two brunch items I had were barely passable and the crepe cakes… well, we all know where we could get better crepe cakes from. Not to mention, the coffee, the most important aspect for me, failed to impress. For better options in the East Coast area, check out Micro Bakery and Brawn & Brains.

Location: 88 East Coast Road, #01-10 Katong Square, Singapore 423371
Opening hours: 9am- 10pm

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