Japan is well known for their unique and innovative products, which seamlessly combines innovative design with practical functionality. From sleek pens engineered for precision to carefully crafted notebooks with fountain pen-friendly paper.

Its attention to detail and commitment to quality make Japanese stationery a favourite among discerning users globally. Hence we have curated a list of Japanese stationery you never knew you needed, which you can easily find in our local stores.

1. Uni-ball One P Debut Gel Ink Pen 0.38mm

Photo: ZAKKAsine

Available at Kinokuniya Singapore, the Uni-ball One P is awarded as the best Japanese stationery in 2024 due to its unique design shape.

It’s a portable mini version of the popular Uniball One gel pen; shorter and fatter than the original. Each pen features the dark Uni-ball One ink formula with a muted-coloured barrel, easy to hold for quick writing. 

Equipped with a metal stabiliser mechanism for stable writing comfort, it boasts a high-quality ink that provides clear colour without bleeding. Furthermore, with a functional wire pocket clip for easy attachment, it comes in various colours corresponding to the colour of the ink.

Uni-ball One P Debut Gel Ink Pen 0.38mm

Price: $6

2. Cororo Roller Stamp Pen

Photo: Tokyo Pen Shop

The Cororo Roller Stamp Pen offers versatility with its dual functionality: a roller stamp and a fine point pen. Use the roller stamp to add wavy decorative elements to notes, journals, or scrapbooks, while the fine point pen ensures accuracy for writing and drawing tasks.

Cororo Roller Stamp Pen

Price: $4

3. Midori MD Notebook

Photo: Kinokuniya

Midori is well-known for its commitment to simplicity, notably reflected in the MD Notebook series.

These notebooks feature premium-grade paper ideal for fountain pens, ensuring a seamless writing experience without any bleed-through. Unlike conventional notebooks, the MD Notebook integrates its cover seamlessly with the pages through meticulous thread binding, allowing the notebook to lay flat completely for easy use.

Available in gridded, lined, blank, and journal formats, MD Notebooks cater to diverse preferences, offering a tailored solution for every writing need.

Midori MD Notebook

Price: from $12.9

4. Sanrio Message Stamp

Photo: Daiso

Unleash your creativity with the Sanrio message stamp set from Daiso Singapore.

This set features three charming clear stamps designed to adorn your projects with sanrio characters in three different colours. Ideal for mail stamps, scrapbooking, card making, and various DIY projects, these stamps offer endless creative possibilities. 

Sanrio Message Stamps

Price: $2.18

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