It’s one of the more niche activities for tourists to do in South Korea. But if you have the spare time, and there’s a movie you’ve been planning to watch, why not watch it in 4D?

Korean movie cinemas offer a brand new experience — 4D movies — and if you’re not familiar with Korean theaters, here’s a comprehensive guide on buying your first 4D movie tickets in Korea.

Which cinemas, and how to buy tickets?

For starters, there are two cinemas (in Seoul) that provide this experience: Lotte Cinema 4D, and CJX 4D.

Use Cine In Korea, a movie site for foreign expats in Korea, to browse all the movies timings of all the Korean cinemas in one page.

If you have a Korean credit card, you can purchase the tickets online. Meanwhile, for tourists like myself who do not have one, Korean cinemas do accept cash. But, you can only pay on site at the snacks counter.

The 4D experience, and is it worth it?

A 4D movie is essentially like an amusement park show. You get the rocky chair, the blast of wind, flashy lights… The only difference is that the 3D aspect is missing. But trust me, it’s only for the best because you’d just get nauseous.

Flashing lights during a fight scene

To give you an example of what it’s like, here’s what went down when we were watching Black Panther 2 in 4D

  • Swaying chair, rumbling and wind when something is in flight
  • Mildly aggressive chair movements in high-speed chases and fights
  • Flashing lights during explosions, gunshots, and fights
  • Light spray of water during the flood

What was most impressive was that the additional 4D elements are incorporated smoothly into the show, which provides an immersive experience. There wasn’t a in-your-face, “just reminding you, you’re in a 4D show” moment. 

We watched Black Panther 2 at 10pm, and the cinema only had two other people

All this for just ₩40,000 per ticket, which converts to roughly S$20. For Singaporeans, just a reminder that an average ticket for a regular movie is already $10-$12. So if you ask me, this was the best S$20 I’ve spend in Korea.

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