Welcoming a new life into the world is a momentous occasion, and there’s no better way to commemorate this joyous event than with a heartwarming full-month celebration. In Singapore, this tradition is known as the “full moon” or “baby full month” celebration. It holds a special place in the hearts of families as they share their happiness with loved ones and friends.

This celebratory tradition frequently encompasses get-togethers and the exchange of gifts, including baby full month cakes (满月饼) and baby full month gift sets and packages (满月礼盒), which are thoughtfully shared with family and friends.

Whether your taste leans toward traditional delights such as ang ku kuehs and red eggs, or you’re drawn to modern treats like cupcakes and western-style pastries, embrace the joy, embrace the love, and celebrate the blessing of new life with our curated selection of the best baby full month packages in Singapore.

1. FoodLine.sg

Photo: FoodLine.sg

Experience the ultimate convenience with FoodLine.sg ‘s Baby Full Month Vouchers.

FoodLine.sg offer a variety of cash vouchers in denominations ($8.8, $11.8, $18.8, and $28.8), and the choice between physical or e-vouchers. Recipients can easily offset their purchases by ordering online on FoodLine.sg. Instead of purchasing the same item for everyone, these versatile baby full month gifts provide recipients with the choice to select from a delightful array of treats, including ice cream, cookies, cakes, and cupcakes, available at over 68 participating outlets.

Embrace the simplicity of presenting a pragmatic and customisable gesture that beautifully conveys your warm regards to your friends and family.


2. Thiam Yian Confectionery

Photo: Thiam Yian Confectionery

Thiam Yian Confectionery is a treasure trove of traditional handcrafted pastries and cakes, offering a rare taste of the past. Founded by Mr. Tan Tiek Chow, whose baking journey started at 16, the shop has flourished in Singapore since 1988.

These authentic creations, once used for special occasions like chinese wedding ‘Guo Da Li‘, now include options for baby full month celebrations such as 8 pcs Assorted Baby Full Month Slice Cake ($13.8), Round Butter Cake Gift Set ($6), Red Egg Set ($2), and Mini Butter Cream Cake Gift Set ($7). Thiam Yian’s traditional sponge cakes are a true delight — incredibly soft and fluffy, crowned with their buttercream that strikes the perfect balance between rich butteriness and subtle sweetness.

By embracing the time-honored traditions of Thiam Yian Confectionery, you’re not only enjoying their delectable treats, but also sharing a meaningful connection to the past. This makes it a thoughtful choice for a baby full month gift, symbolising the importance of preserving roots and heritage as your newborn embarks on life’s journey

Thiam Yian Confectionery

3. Joybox

Photo: Joybox

Incorporating innovation into tradition, JoyBox pioneers a dynamic selection of 14 distinct baby full month gift box designs, coupled with virtual cards that allow a personalised touch.

Their dedication to affordability ensures that new parents can relish exceptional value without compromise. JoyBox offers an unmatched range to suit diverse preferences and party themes. From versatile box designs to customisable assortments, their repertoire includes ang ku kueh, ang yee, red egg, glutinous rice, chocolate tart, and vanilla cake. Their products are also prepared with freshness in mind, without the inclusion of preservatives.

Joybox’s free delivery service caters to both stay-at-home and full month gift voucher packages, guaranteeing an effortless experience for everyone.


4. Gobi Desserts

Photo: Gobi Desserts

For those who are celebrating baby’s first milestone, consider Gobi Desserts meticulously handcrafted chocolates, which require up to four days to produce.

Ordinary chocolates are elevated with mandarin orange decor, stars, hearts, sugar prints, and even red eggs, and you can customise the designs to your heart’s content. You can also choose a mix of chocolates and red eggs. Gobi Desserts’ menu includes an array of thoughtfully curated packages, such as Package Heart, Package Immaculate, and more from $5.6 each.

More importantly, all the chocolates are halal-compliant and low in sugar.

Gobi Desserts

5. Awfully Chocolate

Awfully Chocolate emerges as a premier choice for baby full month packages in Singapore, renowned for their lavish baby first month gift set.

This set presents a 4″ flourless chocolate cake, red chocolate eggs, and a tin of 60% chocolate chip and vanilla cookies, embodying indulgence for elevated gifting. With a strong belief of crafting premium quality chocolate goods, Awfully Chocolate’s products are meticulously handmade from scratch, resulting in real, delectable cakes that balance rich flavours with a moist and light texture.

What started as a single cake shop in Katong has transformed into an empire of shops, cafes, and restaurants, embodying a genuine love for dark chocolate that resonates both in Singapore and internationally.

Awfully Chocolate

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