Rapidly depleting your Netflix listed shows and seriously in need of some shows to kill the time? Fret not as today, we will be featuring some Chinese dramas that may or may not have popped up on your radars in the past year or two. These will not be reviews but just some spoiler free recommendations and to aid your viewing pleasure, these dramas can all be easily found on Netflix! So without further ado, these are the Top 5 Must Watch Chinese Dramas of 2019-20.

1. The Prince of Tennis

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Tennis prodigy, Lu Xia, returns from overseas back to China with his incredible strength and tennis talent which he inherited from his father.  However, due to being forever trapped in his father’s shadow, Lu Xia has grown to see tennis only as a tool to beat his father, subsequently losing his passion and love for the game. Now back in China, he has to learn the importance of camaraderie as well as his own identity as a player in his journey to win the national league.

Based on the widely popular manga of the same name, “The Prince of Tennis” has been adapted into many forms of media such as movies, anime, musicals as well as dramas over the years. This version of the drama, also known as “Forge On, Young Men”, is the 3rd Chinese drama version of this series and is an absolute must-watch with a solid adaptation and an amazing cast.

2. Go Go Squid

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Han Shang Yan, a computer engineering genius and professional gaming legend with a cold and hard to reach personality. Tong Nian, a brave, outgoing and adorable online singer with tens of thousands of fans from singing covers. Two people from vastly different worlds, how will Tong Nian’s unique personality and persistence to get close to Han Shang Yan catch his attention? 

A ‘feels good’ drama that may tend to the cringe side. But that is part of its appeal. With strong performances from both the male and female leads, “Go Go Squid” is certainly for you if you enjoy fluffy romance dramas.  However, romance is not all this drama is about. This drama also delves into the importance of camaraderie, team spirit as well as acceptance, and forgiveness. Although it has a rather slow start, it is an overall engaging show that is definitely worth a watch. 

3. The King’s Avatar

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Ye Xiu is the widely renowned textbook-level expert and known as the ‘Battle God’ in the multiplayer online game “Glory”. Forced by circumstances to retire from the professional scene, he finds himself employed by a nearby Internet cafe where his passion for the game brings him to continue playing. Starting from scratch again with nothing but his memories of the past and experience of the game, he seeks to climb back to the peak of “Glory” once again.

A drama focused on the world of competitive gaming, “The King’s Avatar” is appropriately packed with the action you would expect from a fantasy game. Yet, it still adequately covers the relationships and drama that happens outside the game. In addition, it does not fall short in the humor department as well, featuring plenty of funny moments that are sure to tickle your funny bone. 

This show also boasts a strong main and supporting cast, and surprising good levels of CGI with respect to the game world representation. A captivating journey from start to finish, it is not hard to see why this drama was so highly anticipated.

4. The Handsome Siblings

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Follow the story of two twin brothers, Xiao Yu Er and Hua Wu Que, separated at birth and raised to take revenge on each other. Each growing up to be supreme martial artists in their own aspect, they end up becoming close friends despite the circumstances acting against them. With a great conspiracy brewing in the martial arts world, can the two brothers stop the evil ploys that seek to bring the martial arts world into ruin while simultaneously finding the truth behind their origins?

Following the common trend of destiny as well as revenge in most wuxia dramas, “The Handsome Siblings” is no exception. However, it does have the advantage of being lighthearted and humorous, making the show more suitable for light watching. That said, this show does have its fair share of heavy and thought-provoking moments, striking a nice balance between the two elements. 

Its romantic aspects do feel ever so slightly forced but that is not the main focus of the show in the first place. And it still acts as a good supplementation factor to the core of the story, allowing this show to firmly secure a spot in this list. 

5. The Untamed

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Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji, two talented disciples of vastly different personalities from respectable clans, meet during a cultivation training event and stumble upon a secret that has been hidden for many years. As they journey to rid the world of the lurking evil, Wei Wu Xian meets his demise. Sixteen years later, Wei Wu Xian is revived through a self-sacrificing ritual and he reunites with Lan Wang Ji. Together, they must cooperate to solve the mysteries of the present as well as reveal the truth of the past.

A drama that rose to extraordinary levels of fame when it was first released, it is based on the Chinese novel, “Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation”. It has since had several spin-off movies based on characters that appeared in the original drama. “The Untamed” is an extremely engaging drama, with twists and turns at every corner as well as a touching storyline laced with tragedy that tests the strength of the bonds between characters. The importance of proper exposition and detailed back-stories can also be seen here, allowing viewers to better understand the thought processes and moral viewpoints of different characters, showing great amounts of character development.

That’s all we have for the Top 5 Must Watch Chinese Dramas of 2019 – 2020. Although this is not an exhaustive list, hopefully, it piques your interest and draws you to perhaps explore some of these Chinese dramas that you have yet to watch. Perhaps it will give you the push you’ve needed to start a new series that is already on your list!

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