5 Budding Homebakers to Check Out on Instagram

Circuit Breaker wasn’t the best period for foodies. But, when God closes a door, he opens a window. This pandemic has brought about a new wave of homebakers who have set up shop on Instagram. And here are 5 budding ones that you should check out!


Who says Tiramisu has to have alcohol and caffeine? Duramisu puts an interesting spin on the classic recipe by incorporating premium durian, biscoff, and matcha. All without alcohol and caffeine!

Their signature Duramisu has an entire layer of soft, creamy durian flesh. You can really tell that they don’t skimp on the ingredients. Using premium durians, it ensured the right level of sweetness and a creamy texture which complemented the mascarpone. It was airy and moist, with just a pinch of chocolate to level out the pungent aroma of the fruit. A 10/10 from us.

You would’ve expected the Biscoff Tiramisu to be cloying, or at least we did. But no, it had the perfect amount of sweetness and we devoured the entire thing effortlessly. We also may or may not have fought over the last bite.

Lastly, their Matcha Tiramisu was a little too intense for us. But if you’re a hardcore matcha fan you’d probably enjoy this. We did really like the addition of Azuki beans though.

You can purchase directly from their Instagram page at S$28 for their big tub and S$10 for a small. 


Tara is a homebaker who’s always engaged in intense r&d for new recipes (just take a look at her Instagram and you’ll know what I mean). NYC Levain Cookies, Pound Cakes, Slutty Brownies and who knows what else this talented home baker has in store for us. 

Starting off the review with these three chonky bois here- Biscoff Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chip and Matcha White Chocolate Chip. The flavors of these NYC cookies were so on point, especially the biscoff chocolate chip which we highly recommend.

Although the Matcha Hibiscus Cake could’ve had a more prominent matcha and hibiscus flavors, which should’ve been a turn off for me, it was my second favorite item after the biscoff cookie. It had such a fudgy texture and the general flavor it had was actually really addictive. Other flavors include but not limited to Cookies & Cream, Red Velvet and Blueberry Crumble. 

Lastly, got a box of Slutty Brownies for S$12. Pretty expensive for a slut but I have to say that it was worth every penny. Bittersweet chocolate, fudgy, a pop of sweetness from the layer of Oreo and cookie dough for extra decadence. My only complain is that the portion was too small. 

Paper Baked Goods

Situated in Hougang, this home bakery specializes in scones and brownies. Before tasting them, I was already impressed by the exquisite packaging, especially the way they wrapped the brownies in a newspaper-print food wrapper. You should never judge a brownie by its wrapper, but I already knew I was in for a treat.

Before diving into the brownies, which are honestly the best ones we’ve had, let’s talk about the scones. Buttery, flaky and most importantly, moist. It was crumbly enough to break apart instantly in your mouth, yet firm enough for you to hold up. Pair it with their Homemade Raspberry Jam which balanced the buttery scone with its tartness.

Paperbaked Goods’ brownies won me over with its texture and flavors. We got to try the Valrhona and Maldon Seasalt Flakes. The milky valrhona filling added to the fudgy texture while its evil twin subjugated the salty and bitter aspects of our palate. Both were impressive in their own ways. But the Hojicha… the hojicha was on a whole new level. I can’t think of the right words to accurately capture the experience. But let’s just say I would gladly drown in the hojicha filling. 

Chatsworth Cookies

Ah, yes another homebaker who does NYC Levain Cookies. Chatsworth specializes in these chunky babes with only three flavors on their menu: Triple Chocolate Cookie, Chocolate Chip Cookie and Matcha White Chocolate Cookie (with the occasional seasonal special). 

Their Triple Chocolate Cookie is literally to die for. I once read an article about how sweet and salty flavors work well together. As humans are omnivores who crave a variety of tastes, this flavor combination provides a sensory specific satiety. In layman terms, it makes our brains feel good. Chatsworth’s Triple Chocolate Cookie is the prime example of this argument. The sprinkle of sea salt not only accentuated the sweetness of the dark chocolate, but provided the right balance.

Their latest Oatmeal Raisin Cookies was also a banger. It’s supposed to be seasonal item for the month of August but it seems like they’ve gotten a lot of positive reviews for it because they changed it to a permanent item on their menu!

Equally impressive was their signature Chocolate Chip Cookie. The walnuts gave it a nutty flavor which paired well with the milkier chocolate chips. But more importantly, it added a layer of crunch to the soft, cakey texture of the cookie. 

We’ve seen a lot of good reviews for their Matcha White Chocolate Cookies but it wasn’t really to our liking. It leaned more towards the white chocolate side of the spectrum, with more of a sweet, milky flavor while we were looking for a more bitter, matcha-intensive profile.

No Bake Treats

Aren’t these just the cutest things ever? Cheesecakes but in a jar, kinda like an edible terrarium don’t you think? No bake Treats have 6 interesting flavors: Oreo Nutella, Salted Caramel, Speculoos Butterscotch, Matcha Cheese with Oreo, Banoffee Cheese and their latest Hovomaltine.

This makes for a perfect gift and with the recent launch of their fun-sized jars, great for events and birthday parties. As mentioned earlier, the first thing I noticed was how adorable these little cheese jars were. But did the taste live up to its appearance?

Compared to its cake counterpart, it lacks structural integrity, with a consistency closer to a mousse.

In terms of flavor, my personal favorite is the Hovomaltine which is made up of a horlicks cheese filling and dusted with ovomaltine powder. Surprisingly not too sweet despite the heavy ingredients used.

On the other hand, M’s favorite was the Matcha Cheese with Oreo. You get a strong hit of chocolate from the Oreo crumbs first, followed by a bittersweet matcha aftertaste that lingers on your palate.

I can see how the Oreo Nutella will be popular with the masses, but it’s not really our cup of tea. I thought it was too cloying. But I highly recommend this if you’re a huge chocolate lover!


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