It’ll be such a pity if you excitedly travelled to Disneyland Park – The happiest place on Earth, but have to spend most of the time queuing instead. Here are a few tips and tricks so that you can squeeze out some extra time to take more photos for the gram, go on a few more rounds of thrilling rides or meet some of your favourite Disney characters! Time is precious, and so is your visit to such a magical place!

1.  Peak vs non-peak dates

Planning your travel dates in advance is a wise thing to do. Surely you wouldn’t want to be packed like a sardine sandwich, or to queue a whopping 90-120 minutes just for a mere 2 minutes ride right? If you’re traveling for a week or so, perhaps you could afford to schedule your Disneyland visit on a weekday instead. These are the little things that may seem straightforward, but are often neglected during the itinerary planning. 

Unfortunately, while avoiding the crowd is the best, it is not always a viable solution for everyone. 

Tip #1: Some Disneyland parks also have extended hours (Magical hours), remember to check their website/ app!

2. Fast Passes

Fast passes are like your golden tickets, and best of all? IT’S FREE!

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Just simply insert your main ticket into the Fast pass machine and you’ll get a Fast pass ticket in return! In fact, some countries have already advanced their app such that you’d be able to book your fast passes in advance! (Limited to 3 tickets a day)

With this “golden ticket”, you can feel the triumph of cutting the line, whilst everyone else is still stuck at the back with probably another hour to go. But here’s the catch, there are only limited fast passes daily, so fastest hands first! After collecting your fast pass, be sure to return to the attraction within the stipulated time, and you are only able to collect another fast pass after a certain timing. Don’t belittle these golden tickets! They can actually save you a lot of time! 

Tip #2: Get the fastest person in the group to collect fast pass tickets for everyone while the rest strolls to the next available fast pass attraction. For the new booking system, remember to download the app and book ahead of time!

3. Plan ahead of time

When there is limited time and so many attractions to go, you can only prioritise what’s important to you. Do you enjoy rollercoaster rushes, or are you a fan of magnificent theatricals, or autograph collectors of your favourite Disney characters? Some enjoy the excitement gained through spontaneity, but if you’re particular about certain rides or performances, it’s essential to plan ahead!

Some performances are filled up quickly so you have to get there as early as 45 minutes in advance if you want to secure the best seat! 

Source: Disney Parks Blog

Tip #3: Download the Disneyland app to check out their respective theme park maps!

4. Get a head start

While the rides and attractions are only available after the official opening hours, the park is still open to visitors for shopping and dining. However, they will block out the second entrance to the park. Just be kiasu and hang around that area to get a head start when the park opens. Dash to the nearest and more popular fast pass attraction get a fast pass ticket, before heading to another nearby ride to queue. If you’re lucky enough, you might be able to complete 4 rides by noon! 

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Tip #4: Grab a fast pass at Ironman attraction and head to queue for Space Mountain since they’re pretty nearby.  

5. App it out with Disneyland’s official app

Disneyland’s app is worth burning your data for. Besides having a full access to the park maps with showtimes, you get a whole lot of other benefits such as booking your fast passes (limited to certain countries only), making meal reservations in advance, preordering food, and even live updates of queue times. With this app, you might find yourself opening this app more than your Instagram!

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Tip #5: Remember to bring along a portable charger, because you might find your battery draining fast!

So that’s about it! With enough preparation and the above tips, you can now have a more enjoyable and magical experience at Disneyland!

If you’re visiting Disneyland Paris, click here for more information and to purchase your tickets.

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