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Having a bad hair day? Maybe one of these simple men’s hairstyle tips can fix that.

The hair makes the man. So, if you’ve just embarked on your styling journey and you’re planning to up your hair game, we’ve got the ultimately men’s hairstyling guide for you. Maybe you’re planning to get a natural wolf cut or you’re aiming for that sleek pullback style. Either way, you find that you’re not quite able to achieve the hairstyle you desire.

Hence, this guide covers all things essential on the best ways to style your hair, comprising styling techniques and what hair products to use. However, sometimes, a poor head of hair goes deeper than how you style it. Poor hair conditions like hair loss, dry scalp, greasy hair, dandruff and more can also affect the way your hair look!

Therefore, we’ve teamed up with Yoon Salon to present you the following seven hairstyling tips for men to up your game. Are you ready?

Men, how to improve your hairstyle easily?

1. Use a prestyler

blowdrying hair to style hair for men, one of the best hair styling tips
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A product which you apply before actually styling your mane, prestylers lay the foundation for your desired style. For instance, introducing waves for straight strands, ridding the knots in curls, boosting volume… A popular option for prestylers is the texturizing sea salt spray which leaves your mane in a wavy, voluminous gorgeous mess. Additionally, mousses, gels and even argan oil can be utilized as a prestyler.

Apply your desired prestyler on damp, not wet, hair and blow dry to your desired shape and texture till fully dry. If you’re looking for a casual, bed-head look, you can try scrunching sections of your crown while blow-drying. On the other hand, opt for a paddle brush or round comb to achieve a professional look.

Do note that using a blowdryer will damage your cuticles due to high heat. Therefore, if your prestyler does not include a heat-protectant attribute, do remember to get it separately.

2. Repair damaged hair with Premium Treatments

men's frizzy hair
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But what if you’ve already damaged your mane from years of cheap dye, excessive blow-drying, or poor maintenance. Furthermore, if you’re already rocking a set of perms, the Hair Defrizzing Treatment results in smoother and bouncier, as well as longer-lasting curls. YOON can restore luster to your locks with a Hair Defrizzing Treatment. Goodbye to having a broom head!

3. Regulate oil production with Hair Regrowth Treatments

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You can even go the extra mile and sign up for a scalp treatment. YOON’s Hair Regrowth Treatment provides the following services: exfoliates the scalp, treats oily, dry and sensitive scalp, treats balding and a relaxing and comfortable massage. Their specialists will decide which route to take after accessing the condition.

Regulating the secretion of oil on your scalp is essential for a healthy-looking head of hair. If your scalp is producing too much oil, it’ll result in dandruff and possibly a greasy looking head. On the other hand, if your scalp is too dry, it’ll end up flaking. More importantly, it helps to strengthen the roots to prevent early-age hair loss. 

4. Using the right styling products

applying hair products for men. men's hairstyling tips
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There’s a large range of products to choose from in the market. Rather than settling for something cheap from a drugstore or products promoted by your favorite Youtuber, here are some factors you should consider: hair type and desired budget.

For thin hair, you’d want something light such as a cream or a lighter wax to prevent your strands from clumping together. Contrarily, for someone with a full crown, you can settle for clays, pomades or heavier waxes. Just a little extra tip for people with oily scalps (which results in greasy strands as the day goes by), you can consider using a type of wax which sort of includes a dry shampoo feature. 

To add on, for an effortless rugged look, you might want to go for something with a weaker hold and a matte finish. Similarly, for a professional clean look, you can choose a product with a strong hold to keep your mane in place.

5. Switch it up with a perm

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They say the grass is always on the greener side and they’re not wrong. Instead of painstakingly trying to scrunch waves into your mane, why not get a perm? 

Here are the possible styles you can consider trying but if you’re still unsure, you can ask the outlet’s professional stylists for their professional opinions.

A perm typically lasts for 3 to 6 months depending on the current condition of your cuticles and how you plan to maintain the curls. And it might seem like a big step to take because of how long its effects last. But who knows, it might grow on you.

6. Change the dye color

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Even small changes like adding highlights to your mane can go a long way by adding tons of depth and definition in your luscious mane. Alternatively, go bold and completely change the color. Ash? Copper? Maybe add in streaks of blue or purple?

If you are wondering which hue will be best suited, just relax and check with a professional colourist. Depending on your lifestyle, purpose, skin tone, personality and even facial features, the perfect hue will be suggested to you. 

YOON provides Basic Coloring such as one tone coloring, grey coverage and root retouching. Of course, they also have Premium Creative Coloring services like multiple coloring, highlighting, ombre and balayage.

7. A simple haircut by Yoon Salon

man getting a hair cut to maintain his hairstyle
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Sometimes, a simple snip off is all you need. But not any cut. You should ask for one that accentuates your best features rather than whatever’s trending at the moment. Again, for the perfect result, you can consult the boutique’s stylist to determine the best look to suit your face shape, complexion and personality.

To sum up, here are the following services the salon offers:

Source: Yoon Salon

For more care and style tips, head down to their advice column on their official website. The main objective of the column is to educate clients on how vital it is to protect one’s scalp. Have a read and enlighten yourselves. And when you feel that you’re ready to embark on the journey for a better crown, book your appointment now with YOON. All of their professional services are performed by highly qualified and hand-picked stylists. Be ready to be magically transformed. 

Planning to up your style?

*This article is written in collaboration with Yoon Salon

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