Hen’s Night is not only a celebratory occasion for the bride-to-be just before her wedding day, but it is also a fantastic bonding opportunity for the bridesmaids to get to know each other better! If you are planning a special and memorable night for your beloved friend, here are the top eight unconventional hen’s night ideas to celebrate this special girls’ day out together! #TeamBride

1. Floral Arrangement Workshop

Source: The Floral Atelier

Who says that girls have to be the ones receiving flowers? Floral arrangement is a great way to express your artistic flair and let your inspiration bloom. Curate your bespoke bridal bouquet masterpiece and understand more about flower-making during the session. If you prefer something long-lasting for memory keepsake, you can also opt for preserved flower workshops.

2. Art Jamming Workshop

Source: Heart Room Gallery

Unleash your creative desires onto the blank canvas with an art jamming workshop. Regardless of your talent in art & crafts, art jamming allows you to enjoy freestyle painting without any restrictions. Take this chance to unwind and relax while expressing your thoughts with splashes of colors. Consider neon art jamming if you’re looking for something out of the box!

3. Perfume Making Workshop

Source: The Fun Empire

Have a memorable bridal shower by creating a signature perfume scent from a range of bespoke perfume samples based on your mood and personality. Smells like a good idea right? Mix your favorite scents together to concoct your best formula and you can even use it on the wedding day itself.

4. Terrarium Workshop

Source: Lush Glass Door

Terrarium making workshop is another great DIY activity if your bridesmaid team prefers hands-on crafting experiences that involves creativity. Build your little own zen garden with the decorative pieces and your choice of succulents. In most workshops, you will learn the basic techniques of layering your terrarium according to your preference.

5. Baking Classes

Source: Baker’s Brew

Whip up a culinary storm and bake some sweet treats to celebrate this momentous occasion. Learn to bake unicorn cakes, floral cupcakes or artisanal desserts. It will be the best time to explore if you have always wanted to learn the secrets behind those beautiful-looking and delicious cakes!

6. Escape Room

Source: Trapped.sg

If the bridesmaids are not from a mutual group of friends, take this chance to work as #TeamBride to solve the riddles in the game. It’s probably the best day to “celebrate the last day of freedom” by locking yourself up in an escape room and trying to escape while breaking the ice! Celebrate your success or laugh at your failures together after the exhilarating 1-hour session.

7. Pampering Spa

Source: Remède Spa

If you have been leading a stressful and hectic life in Singapore, celebrating your bachelorette party at a luxurious and pampering spa can help to rejuvenate your body and soul. Many hotels offer amazing spa packages and treatments which can also be customized to suit your bridal party and take a much-needed wellness break with your girlfriends.

8. Hotel Staycation Packages

Source: The Smart Local

Hotel staycations are one of the best hen’s night idea (in my opinion), as you can spend the entire afternoon and evening celebrating this joyous occasion together. Double up the fun by slotting in an extra activity in the day, and fill up the rest of the night with board games, heart-to-heart talk, video games and anything else.

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