Crystal beads workshop in Singapore

If you’re looking for a DIY Crystal bracelet workshop in Singapore, you have to check out Acrysty Co.

Crystal beads are known to have different healing benefits. So, signing for your own personalised bracelet workshop not only gives you have a chance to customise your charms — whether it’s to improve on your love life or protect you against a toxic colleague — its modernised designs also makes it very wearable as a daily accessory.

This might be the one chance you have to find the perfect piece of jewellery, especially if you find yourself constantly nitpicking at commercially made ones — whether it’s the thickness of the chain or something about the charm that doesn’t resonate with you. 

Crystal Stacker Workshop in Singapore

Crystal bracelets in Singapore
The final look of our personalised crystal bracelets

Acrysty Co., founded in 2020 has made its name through Instagram, selling their exquisite handpicked collection of crystals. They now offer workshops that teach the basic knowledge of crystal properties and their uses, while also giving you an opportunity to express your personal intention and character through jewellery-making.

What does the workshop consist of?

Acrysty Co. Crystal Stacker Bracelet starts from $98 per pax (2-6 pax per class) and each session lasts for 90 minutes.

Acrysty Co store interior

1. Understanding the basic properties of crystal

There is a list stating the different types of benefits for each type of crystal to help you with your decisions. If you’re prioritising on colours instead, you can skip this step.

2. Choosing your bracelet length and fillers

Beads and charms for DIY Crystal Bracelet workshop in Singapore at Acrysty Co
Choosing our beads and charms

Before the real fun begins, you can measure your wrist length and choose a suitable size for your bracelet. There are also different fillers (in white gold or gold-plated) to be placed between the crystal beads.

3. Pick out your favourite combination (extra premium beads have additional charges)

Here’s the best (and longest) part of the workshop, as most people would spend an hour just on choosing their favourite crystal beads, and then arranging them in their preferred combination. There are a total of 145 different crystal beads, including Lavender Rose Quartz, Grey Moonstone, Bluewater Jadeite and more.

If you have dilemma issues, this step would be a challenge. Thankfully, I was already set for a specific colour scheme, otherwise I might have taken much longer to complete.

Crystal beads workshop in Singapore
Planning out the arrangement of the crystal beads and charms before stringing them up

4. Learn how to create your bracelet

After you have finished choosing the beads, the staff will guide you on how to create your bracelet by threading through the beads and finally tying a knot to secure everything together.

5. Choose 1 free charm to complete the bracelet (add-ons available)

You can then pick a charm from their charm drawers to complete the look or opt out of it. There are many different categories to pick from – flowers, hearts, initials, horoscopes, fortune, and the list goes on.

Our honest review of Acrysty Co.

$98 may seem a little pricey for a bracelet at a first impression, considering that it is not a designer label. But you’re paying for the fun crafty experience, and most craft workshops result in final products that may not be very useful or practical, unlike Acrysty Co.’s crystal bracelet which could turn into an everyday wear item. I have been wearing my bracelet almost everyday and I love that it’s a unique piece that nobody else has.

If you’re not really into crystal bracelets, you can consider their Ancharm Jewellery service, where you get to pick out the charms but the staff will help you create the finalised piece after you are done with your selection. So, in other words, there won’t be any hands-on activity compared to the crystal bracelet workshop.

AN Charm workshop necklace at Acrysty Co
AN charm Jewellery Workshop — necklace

Necklace – From $38
Bracelet – From $18
Anklet – From $33
Charm/ Clasp – From $8

Wall of Bracelets at Acrysty Co.

Location: 355 Beach Rd, Singapore 199573
Opening hours:
Mon-Sat: 11am-8pm
Sunday 11am-7pm

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