Hello Kitty enthusiasts, the moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here! Singapore’s socially-conscious fashion brand, Anothersole is collaborating Sanrio, to introduce the exclusive “Forever Hello Kitty” collection launch this January.

Anothersole Sanrio collaboration for Hello Kitty shoes and bags
“Forever Hello Kitty” Collection. Photo: Anothersole

In this Anothersole X Hello Kitty collaboration, the cat’s iconic bow takes center stage, infusing a delightful touch into Anothersole’s signature design.

The collection spans across the versatile Anytime Flats, the chic 247 Sneakers, the ANEW Marshmallow Sandals, and the adorable ANEW Mini Bag.

Anothersole Hello Kitty collaboration - Hello Kitty shoes
Hello Kitty Bow Anytime Flats. Photo: Anothersole

Leading the collection is the Hello Kitty Bow Anytime Flats ($179.9), adding a pop of style with the iconic Hello Kitty’s bow on their timeless Anytime Flats design.

Amping it up, the Hello Kitty Glitter Anytime Flats ($179.9) feature Hello Kitty’s face on the upper canvas with Japanese Katakana laces and bold red glitter padding at the heel, making a bold fashion statement.

Hello Kitty 247 in Diamante Pink. Photo: Anothersole

For sneaker enthusiasts, the Hello Kitty 247 Sneakers ($199.9) come in two styles: one with Hello Kitty’s face embossed in white and another with repeated bow emblems in Diamante Pink.

To complement your look, the ANEW Hello Kitty Mini Bag in Diamante Pink ($125) is designed in the same style for a perfect match.

ANEW Hello Kitty Mini Bag in Cream Night. Photo: Anothersole

The ANEW Hello Kitty Marshmallow in White ($109.9) features upper bands made from repurposed plastic bottles, a cloud-like sole, and an embossed Hello Kitty face on the upper band.

If you go for the ANEW Hello Kitty Marshmallow in Black ($109.9), you’ll have a striking black bow design that perfectly matches the style of the ANEW Hello Kitty Mini Bag in Cream Night ($105).

The Forever Hello Kitty Collection is set to launch online and in-stores from 19 January 2024.


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