In a land where footwear is dominated by Nike Air Forces 1s and Crocs, it begs the question of why any other brands dare to enter the market. 

Courageous brands, such as Arden Teal — an online platform for high quality men’s leather shoes — exists to cater to the remaining individuals who strays away from overused outfit templates.

If you’re looking to buff up your wardrobe, here is an essential that goes well with most outfits — Chelsea boots.

How to style Chelsea boots

There’s a misconception that Chelsea boots are reserved for formal occasions. Just because it’s made of leather, doesn’t mean it’s formalwear.

In fact, any outfit that goes with a pair of white sneakers, could go well with Chelsea boots. There are exceptions though. While it’s common to pair them with casual outfits, it is unorthodox (but don’t let social norms dictate your style!) to wear them with shorts.

Chelsea boots are extremely versatile. You could dress it down for a coffee run with a pair of jeans or joggers, or dress it up for date night with a slick overcoat or suit. The possibilities are endless!

Here are some fits I’ve been rocking with Arden Teal’s bestselling Centenario Chestnut Chelsea Boots ($145).

Outfit 1: thrifted Japanese workwear jacket, thrifted parachute pants
Outfit 2: ASOS Harrington jacket, Levi’s corduroy pants, UNIQLO ribbed single
Outfit 2: Montagut grandad collar shirt, thrifted pants

Sneakers are cool. But I love that extra “dapper” the Chelsea boots add to my outfits. The sole was a little hard on my first wear — like most shoes are though — but it breaks in quickly and it’s just so comfortable to walk in now.

High quality leather at an affordable price

Every shoe is crafted with full grain calfskin leather from Argentina, a country well known for producing high quality leather. 

Full grain leather results in natural patina, which adds a unique individuality to every shoe. More importantly, these shoes are built to last. Without sanding or buffing it during the tanning process, the leather retains its strength, and does not wear out easily.

Arden Teal

*This article is written in partnership with Arden Teal, but all opinions are of my own

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