Pistachio Ice Cream at Around Cafe, comparison with Apiary's Pistachio

Is Around Cafe closed?

Yes. Unfortunately, Around Cafe is permanently closed as of 2024. The beautiful glasshouse at The Alps Residence is currently replaced by Glasshouse Creamery, an ice cream parlour.

But if you’re keen to find out more about one of the most Instagrammable cafes in Tampines anyway, read on.

Our honest review of Around Cafe

We’ve been seeing tons of minimalistic cafes popping up this year and here’s one tucked in the residential area in Tampines. Around, named after the fact that ice cream is round, is a minimalistic white cafe with high ceilings and large windows- reminiscent of Glasshouse, I have to say.

How to get there?

Around Cafe is located on the Alps Residences and it’s technically outside the condominium, meaning you don’t have to enter through the main gate to get there. Also, those who are driving can park their car at the multistory carpark at Blk 837 which is across the road

Ice cream and waffles

I’m a strong supporter of Team Pancakes but I have to admit that waffles is the only Bonnie if Ice Cream was Clyde.

But it’s a shame they were out of waffles 1 hour after opening. It’s ridiculous how limited it was so you should definitely go right when they open.

They have about 10 flavours of a mixture of classics and quintessential flavours. We got the Pistachio and Hazelnut Rocher.

Starting off on a positive note, the Hazelnut Rocher was an uncanny resemblance of Ferrero Rocher. There were even bits of crumbs in it for added texture.

Pistachio Ice Cream at Around Cafe, comparison with Apiary's Pistachio

However, while the Pistachio was decent, it was a far cry from- you guessed it- Apiary. Even with crushed pistachio inside to accentuate its nuttiness, its intensity couldn’t be compared to Apiary.

Aside from the unbeatable dessert duo, Around also serves Acai Bowls, Cakes and Cookies.

We got the Yuzu Cheesecake ($5.9) which was quite pricey for a cookie of its size, but I was intrigued anyway. Flavours-wise, the tartness of the yuzu juxtaposed the richness of the cream cheese. The extra saltiness of the cookie was also a great balance to the ice cream. However, it was very cakey, which wasn’t a texture I appreciate in cookies.

Around’s menu

Around Menu for Ice Cream, Coffee and Acai

Our verdict

We never tried the waffles so it’ll be hard to give a fair conclusion for their menu. But from the few dishes we got, let’s just say that there are better cafes out there for ice cream and cookies.

Admittedly, the desserts here were decent but paired with the absurd waiting time under the hot sun, it was simply not worth the wait. On this note, remember to bring an umbrella as the waiting area is not sheltered. 

What’s even more ridiculous than the wait was that the staff could’ve told us ahead of time about the lack of waffles (because the kitchen staff would be aware of how much batter remained). Instead, they chose to tell us only when we were next in line for 15 minutes.

Location: 117 Tampines Street 86, The Alps Residences, Singapore 528538
Tel: +659489 1849
Opening hours: 12pm- 2am

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