Can’t get enough of the Van Gogh exhibition in Singapore? Or perhaps you’re yearning for some retro charm at the Off / On showcase in the National Museum of Singapore?

Whether you’re planning a solo adventure, a romantic date, or a gathering with friends, here are six art exhibitions in Singapore that deserve a spot on your must-visit list.

1. Olafur Eliasson: Your Curious Journey

Photo: SAM at Tanjong Pagar Distripark / Instagram

Explore the groundbreaking travel exhibition Olafur Eliasson: Your Curious Journey, the first major solo showcase in Southeast Asia dedicated to the Icelandic-Danish artist’s work.

Delve into Eliasson’s exploration of embodiment, perception, and climate action through diverse mediums like light, wind, and water. 

Witness ephemeral phenomena and experience invisible elements of our environment brought to life in artworks such as Beauty and Adrift Compass. Eliasson and his team prioritise sustainability, reducing the exhibition’s carbon footprint and showcasing artworks that reflect his environmental concerns.

Early bird tickets are available at SAM website until 9 May 2024 with price starting from $12 per person.

Olafur Eliasson: Your Curious Journey

Date: 10 May-22 September 2024

Location: SAM at Tanjong Pagar Distripark

2. SIFA 2024

Moby Dick. Photo: SIFA 2024
Photo: SIFA 2024

Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) unveils its 2024 lineup curated by Natalie Hennedige, celebrating diverse voices with the theme The Anatomy of Performance – They Declare. Running from 17 May to 2 June 2024, SIFA presents five local commissions and seven international presentations exploring post-Anthropocene futures and artificial intelligence. 

Highlights include local production Suara / Oro Rua and international works like Sun & Sea and Moby Dick.

Tickets starting from $20 are available on the SIFA 2024 website.

SIFA 2024

Date: 17 May-2 June 2024

Location: across Singapore

3. i Light Singapore 2024

I-Light 2024 installation.
Photo: iLight 2024

i Light Singapore returns from 31 May to 23 June 2024, expanding to include Tanjong Pagar for the first time.

Organised by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, the theme “Cyclical Nature” centres on sustainability. This year features 17 interactive artworks by 25 local and international artists. 

Highlights include Spin Me a Yarn by Studio Vertigo and interactive installations like Kickit Team Tennis and Koros Design’s inflatables.

i Light Singapore 2024

Date: 31 May-23 June 2024

Location: across Singapore

4. Small MUJI Exhibition

Footprints artwork at Small MUJI Exhibition
Footprints at Small MUJI Exhibition

What if your notebook or water bottle are not what they seem to be?

Japanese artist Tatsuya Tanaka challenges our perception of everyday objects through a series of miniature artworks. Known as mitat-e, a form of Japanese art, he turns everyday objects into intricate scenes. For instance, the holes of a notebook are redefined as footprints on the snow, and a makeup palette is converted into an ice-cream kart.

Discover Tatsuya’s first-ever art exhibition in Singapore, Enjoying Everyday Items, at MUJI Plaza Singapura. His new series also features three iconic tourist attractions in Singapore made with everyday objects.

Catch the Small MUJI Exhibition for free at MUJI Plaza Singapura while you shop.

Small Muji Exhibition

Date: 26 April-25 June 2024

Location: 68 Orchard Rd, #01-10 to 22, Singapore 238839

5. Fukusa: Japanese Gift Covers from the Chris Hall Collection 

Photo: Peranakan Museum

Unveiling on 19 April 2024, at the Peranakan Museum, Fukusa: Japanese Gift Covers from the Chris Hall Collection promises a captivating journey into the art of gifting. Showcasing over 80 fukusa, kimonos, and related textiles, the exhibition is a testament to Japanese craftsmanship and cultural heritage. Renowned collector, Chris Hall, donated his personal treasures to offer visitors a rare glimpse into Japan’s intricate textile world.

Discover the parallels between historical and modern gift customs through interactive digital platforms and engaging workshops, performances, and guided tours. You are invited to explore the beauty and craftsmanship of fukusa covers from the Edo period.

Admissions starts from $6 per person. 

Fukusa: Japanese Gift Covers from the Chris Hall Collection

Date: 19 April-25 August 2024

Location: Peranakan Museum, 39 Armenian Street, Singapore 179941
Opening hours:
Mon-Thurs: 10am-7pm
Fridays: 10am-9pm
Sat-Sun: 10am-7pm

6. Figuring a Scene

Wax. Photo: National Gallery Singapore

Dr. Flores presents Figuring a Scene at Dalam Southeast Asia, National Gallery Singapore. 

This experimental project space departs from conventional displays, showcasing artworks across six episodes based on natural elements: Shadow, Fruit, Fire, Air, Wax, and City. The exhibition features unconventional materials, such as texts from local reports, alongside traditional artworks. 

From 5 April  to 1 December 2024, visitors can explore diverse interpretations drawn from nature’s elements. Each episode offers a fresh perspective on Southeast Asian art, encouraging reflection on cultural identity. For instance, in the Wax segment, colonial religion intertwines with Philippine culture, featuring a wooden sculpture of the transfigured Christ, creating a tableau reminiscent of an altar. 

Admission for this exhibition is free for Singaporean and Permanent Residents.

Figuring a Scene

Date: 5 April-1 December 2024

Location: National Gallery Singapore, Singapore 178957
Opening hours: 10am-7pm

7. Cheong Soo Pieng: Layer by Layer

Photo: National Gallery Singapore

Cheong Soo Pieng: Layer by Layer is Southeast Asia’s first exhibition dedicated to the pioneer artist’s practice and material research, curated by Dr. Diana Tay, Founder of BARC Labs. Through x-ray images and microscopic photography, visitors delve into Cheong’s innovative use of materials, gaining new insights into his creative process. 

Divided into three sections, the exhibition offers tactile exploration and interactive experiences, revealing the mysteries behind his canvases. Visitors can engage with a 3D-printed stackable puzzle and a sliding stereo microscope, uncovering Cheong’s profound understanding of easel painting and Chinese aesthetics. 

This exhibition is free of entrance and aims to deepen appreciation for Cheong Soo Pieng’s legacy, inviting you to discover his work layer by layer.

Cheong Soo Pieng: Layer by Layer

Date: 5 April-29 September 2024

Location: National Gallery Singapore, Singapore 178957
Opening hours: 10am-7pm

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