Out of all the artisan tea cafes, Artea definitely stands out. Literally, with its humongous cups and exquisite tiramisu (and they finally brought back their souffle pancakes, thank god). Derived from the concept of combining tea and art, Artea’s ideology is clearly reflected in their handcrafted drinks and floral designs. There’s no way you can miss their Instagrammable decors.

They’ve also recently opened their third outlet at Bedok Reservoir and brought back the soufflé pancakes. But, do note that it’s not as well decorated as their first outlet at Vivo City.

Artisan Bubble Tea

The crowd favourites include the Signature Fruit Tea (S$8.20), White Peach Oolong (S$4.8) and Kokyo Matcha Bubble (S$6.5). And after 5 minutes of staring intensely at the menu- while the patrons behind glared at me with equal intensity- we finally made our order.

The most expensive fruit tea we have ever ordered, the Signature Fruit Tea (S$8.2). Vowed to only use fresh ingredients- never frozen nor preserved- the drink was infused with refreshing fruity notes, with more prominent ones such as the tang from passionfruit pulps and sweetness from watermelon slices. The choice of jasmine tea also imparted an ambrosial fragrance. Generally, more fruity than tea, a stark contrast from Hi Tea, located outside Far East Plaza.

The White Peach Oolong had a good balance of tea and fruit. The light aroma of the oolong strikes your taste buds first before leaving you with a subtle peachy aftertaste.

And if you haven’t already noticed, their cups are twice as big as any other bubble tea shops. But before you get all excited, a quarter of the cup is actually just air, for aesthetic reasons probably. Nonetheless, it does contribute to an interesting photo for the gram doesn’t it?

If you thought the giant white cup was impressive, take a look at this. The matcha and brown sugar flavors of the Kokyo Matcha Bubble were both really rich, but surprisingly not saccharine.

Albeit slightly icier than a milkshake should be, the taste of the Avocado Milkshake (S$5.8) was spot on. Not too sweet, with the right amount of bitter notes from the avocado. More flavourful alternatives could be found elsewhere such as Fruce or Femi’s Tea where it’s less milky.

Instagrammable Tiramisu

It certainly pops as a birthday cake or a sweet treat for your friends. However, when it comes to the flavours, it was lacking in depth that traditional tiramisu should have- the bitterness of the cocoa powder, the deep tones of the rum against the luscious mascarpone cream. It wasn’t bad, just mediocre.

Considering the brown sugar craze in Singapore which surprisingly has yet to die down, we also gave their Brown Sugar Tiramisu (S$8.8) a shot. To our delight, it didn’t have that sugar rush element that some brown sugar drinks entail. The brown sugar taste was mild, deep with a houjicha sort of bitterness aspect to it.

Souffle Pancakes

ARTEA Bedok Reservoir Review - Mango Souffle Pancake with Mango Jasmine Tea

Prices start from S$6.8 for their Original Souffle and ends at S$9.8 for their Brown Sugar Bubble Souffle. We go the Mango Souffle (S$7.8) that featured 2 jiggly soufflé pancakes done right, mango ice cream, a white cream and mango chunks atop.

The soufflé pancakes were jiggly and the savoury cream paired well with the sweet mango chunks. The downside was that their ice cream had no flavour. The texture was standard, unlike Fluff Stack and Flippers that are airier and cakier respectively.


The tiramisu wasn’t worth the money unless you value aesthetics over taste. A better alternative at the top of the mind would be Nesuto. And for the drinks, despite the higher price, they’re definitely something that we will come back for.

Location: 1 Harbourfront Walk, VivoCity, #01-100/101, Singapore 098585
Opening hours: 11am – 10pm

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