Asian woman wearing ATTENU8 noise reduction earplugs in public. Source: ATTENU8

ATTENU8 are reusable metal-bodied earplugs which reduce ambient noises, the perfect companion for sleeping, traveling and working.

My first impression: What in the James Bond is this?

Its sleek design reminded me of super spy communication technology though it had a completely different purpose. ATTENU8 seeks to cancel noises.

Ergonomic fit

Aside from its light weight and small size, its three sizes of memory foam tips render an even better fit.

In fact, studies claimed that “92% of users who… could not attain the proper fit with traditional foam earplugs… rated ATTENU8 to be 22% more effective than foam earplugs.”

While traditional foam earplugs fit well for me, I thought ATTENU8 snuggled into my ears better.

Sound reduction

It was also more effective in reducing ambient noises.

Source: ATTENU8

They “reduce noise by approximately 32dB” which is half the sound of a regular conversation. I brought this out to a cafe to test how effective it would be. Safe to say, it did its job and muffled the cacophony, bringing me a moment of peace as I worked on this review.

Honestly, I would have never used earplugs in public. Shoving disposable orange foam tips in my ears is a fashion crime.

In order to normalise the use of earplugs and to encourage this practice in our lives, Marissa Tang, founder and CEO of Soundblock Asia, bestowed ATTENU8 with a stylish design. Removing the stigma that wearing earplugs is ‘uncool’ is especially important for those who are constantly exposed to loud noises such as construction sites or music studios.

Reduce wastage

While they’re comfortable and effective, what I appreciate most about this revolutionary earplugs is the amount of waste it reduces. Its metal body can be easily cleaned with soapy water while the foam tips can be disinfected with damp cloth and replaced once every two months. In comparison, traditional ear plugs are replaced daily, or once every two days.

ATTENU8 can be purchased online at $38.9.

*This article is written in collaboration with ATTENU8

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