Vegetable and Apple breads at Bakery 1946 Singapore

If you’ve had these viral apple-shaped breads from South Korea before — well, you’ve got taste.

Suhyeongdang, also known as Bakery 1946, is a popular bakery from South Korea that is famed for its hyper realistic fruits and vegetables-shaped breads. In the past, you’d have to fly to Seoul or wait for their next pop-up in Singapore.

But now, you can finally enjoy them anytime you want at their newly-opened cafe at Suntec City.

Bakery 1946 interior of cafe at Suntec City

As their Google information is not fully updated, Bakery 1946 is located at Suntec City Tower 3, #01-604/605. The fastest way to get there is to exit Promenade MRT Station via Exit C, enter the mall and turn left.

But, is Bakery 1946 worth the hype?

Our honest review of Bakery 1946

Now I’m going to be honest. We’ve never had the original Suhyeongdang in Daegu before. So we can’t say for sure whether the Singapore variation is better or worse.

But, one thing’s for sure — we thoroughly enjoyed the breads.

These were so realistic, especially the apple and sweet potato-shaped bun.

The viral apple bread

Viral apple bun from Bakery 1946 Cafe
K-Apple Bread ($5.9)

Being their signature bake, the first thing we tried was obviously the K-Apple Bread ($5.9). It’s filled with cream cheese and sweet apples. But, we didn’t find it cloying at all. In fact, the cream cheese was surprisingly light and refreshing.

Realistic vegetable-shaped breads

Sweet Potato Bun at Bakery 1946 Singapore
Sweet Potato Bread ($5.2)

The Sweet Potato Bread ($5.2) was the most hyper-realistic bread there. It looked just like a sweet potato. But we were even more amazed by how much it tasted just like one. Even the texture was uncanny! You get that fibrous texture when you’re tearing into it.

Sweet Pumpkin Bread at Bakery 1946 Cafe suntec city
Sweet Pumpkin Bread ($3.9)

Same goes for the Sweet Pumpkin Bread ($3.9).

Garlic Manju Bakery 1946 Singapore
Garlic Manju ($3.9)

But if we had to award the craziest bake in Bakery 1946, it’ll have to be the Garlic Manju ($3.9). We were so taken aback by how garlicky this was. Now I’m not exactly sure how they made it, but the filling tasted as if it was 90% filled with garlic confit.

Carrot Bread ($3.9) at Bakery 1946 review
Carrot Bread ($3.9)

Meanwhile, as cute as the Carrot Bread ($3.9) was, we could barely taste the carrots. It is, however, filled with sweet cream cheese. So if you’re looking for sweet mochi-like bread, this would be it. The Chewy Potato Bread ($3.9) was the same. We wouldn’t be able to tell that it was potato just from biting into it. It tasted like a regular slightly salted mochi.

These five vegetable-shaped buns has a chewy, almost mochi-like texture. So don’t be surprised when you bite into it.

But, even for the regular breads, they have a softer texture compared to the usual light and fluffy texture.

Other offerings at Bakery 1946

If you’re planning to try their more affordable offerings, you can try the following:

  • Black Sesame Peanut Crumb Bread ($5.3)
  • Peanut Crumb Red Bean Bun ($3.8)
  • Matcha Cream Red Bean Bun ($4.8)
  • Fresh Cream Red Bean Bun ($4.8)

Drinks at Bakery 1946

Bakery 1946 menu for drinks
Drinks menu

Don’t leave without one of their signature drinks.

We tried the Gingsengccino ($7.9), which was so packed with ginseng. Admittedly, this isn’t for everyone because of how potent it tastes. But if you love ginseng, you’re probably going to love this.

Our verdict

So what’s our review of Bakery 1946?

Paying over $5 for a piece of bread in Singapore has sorta become a norm by now. But this isn’t just pretty and gimmicky food.

Most of it, such as the viral K-Apple Bread, Sweet Potato Bread and Garlic Manju, tasted really good. And for the same price, I would rather pay for something more whimsical like these whimsical breads than a piece of croissant.

Bakery 1946 is brought into Singapore the same team by B for Bagel, a popular bagel shop from South Korea.

Location: 8 Temasek Boulevard, #01-604/605, Suntec City Tower 3, Singapore 038988
Opening hours: 8am-8pm

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