If you’re looking for how to treat acne and pimples, I’m sure you can relate to the following scenarios: applying pimple cream and accidentally winning the role of Sadako, mistaking yourself for Rudolph from the bright red dot on your nose and even feeling hungry when you see your face in the mirror, which resembles a pepperoni pizza. Instead of constantly lamenting, here are the best acne treatment, including acne products and natural remedies at home!

What are the best natural remedies for acne?

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1. Cut down on spicy food

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Does spicy food affect your skin? While spicy food is appetizing, the consequences are too real. While there are many types of food that can cause acne, spicy food is one of the biggest trigger. Consuming spicy food induces sweat which triggers the production of oil in your skin. The oil then acts as a medium for collecting bacteria and dust which causes acne. The skin is also more prone to inflammation due to the increased body heat. 

2. Drink lots and lots of water

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Water is definitely not some magical serum that can make your acne disappear overnight. Instead, this is one of the minor lifestyle changes that can really go a long way; possibly the best acne treatment product ever though,

Obviously, staying hydrated has a lot of benefits. Flushing out the toxins that aggravate your acne is one of them. Drinking more water also helps to hydrates the skin, which reduces the need for oil-production which potentially creates more acne.

3. Healthy sleep cycle

The reason for this includes a lot of big words about science and hormones. For those who want to know the exact reason, you can read it on Pibuu, otherwise here’s the TLDR. Sleep deprivation causes a shift in hormones which not only causes skin damage but impedes skin recovery.

4. Never pop your pimple

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While this may be oddly satisfying to some, popping your pimples or blackheads can actually aggravate your acne. By opening up your pores without any proper sterilization, it causes them to be more prone to bacteria or dirt, which may result in skin inflammation and even acne scars.

The next time you think about popping anything on your face, maybe you should watch blackhead removal videos online to suppress that urge.

5. Avoid touching your face

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To reduce the number of bacteria introduced to your skin, some of the basic things you can stop doing include resting your face on your hand, rubbing any excess oil off with your bare hands and scratching your face.

6. Get The Right Hair Products


This might be more applicable to men who style their hair. Hair products, when accidentally applied on the skin will cause a deposition of oil and other foreign bodies onto your skin, especially the forehead.

Instead of completely abstaining from them, you could switch to less oily products such as Quicksand by Hanz De Fuko or change your hairstyle such that your hair doesn’t fall on your face.

7. Facial Treatments

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While skincare products can help control oil production and reduce inflammation, solely relying on them will be insufficient. It is essential to go for a proper extraction treatment to thoroughly cleanse your pores.

A recommended boutique spa is My Cozy Room which is highly rated for its relatively painless extraction, and known as the Best Extraction Facial Singapore.

8. The Right Products

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Finding the right products is imperative for acne treatment. People with oily skin like me may want to give the following products a try. Differin which is a pimple cream and Topicil which sort of acts like an antiseptic for the face.

A product that works effectively for most skin types is the LED Skin Device by Skin Inc Supplement Bar which allows you to customize serums best suited for your skin.

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