More homebakers are jumping on the bandwagon ever since the start of Circuit Breaker last year. And if you’re one of those who has taken an interest in baking but unsure where to begin with, perhaps these baking workshops might spark your interest! Those with minimal experience in baking can also join the fun as these workshops are also suitable for beginners.

1. Nanatang

Source: Nanatang

Started off as an online bakery in 2013, Nanatang has expanded to a studio and bakehouse, which offers the most trending cake decorating workshops – ranging from Korean fat-fat-carons, Surprise money pulling cake, bento cakes and several other pastries. Most of the workshops are priced affordably at around S$150+ per pax. They will also be offering live classes soon, which is perfect during this pandemic.

2. Bakefresh

Source: Bakefresh

Aside from creative character classes like Tsum tsum cartoon butter cookies, agar agar cakes and kawaii deco tartlets, Bakefresh also offers futuristic series which is a brand new concept for effortless baking and cooking. Class fees range from S$160 to 190 per pax. Their workshops are also SkillsFuture eligible, which means you can save some money while picking up a new skill!

3. Vanilla Bean

Source: Vanilla Bean

Known for their famous insta-worthy 3D Jelly Art cake workshops, you can expect to learn meticulous and precise injection techniques to create realistic floral blooms with filler encapsulated in a jelly canvas. Each class costs about S$200 per pax. Aside from their signature trending workshops, you can also pick up skills to make Asian dim sums like Bo Lo Bao.

4. Mantou Generation

Source: Mantou Generation

Themed mantou with cute character designs have been trending lately in Singapore and their popular Tsum Tsum Princess Mantou workshop will get all Disney fans squealing with excitement. At Mantou Generation, master the skill of making healthy and adorable steamed buns with machine and hand-kneading techniques to achieve a smooth bun surface. Workshop rates start from S$190 per person.

5. Baker’s Brew

Source: Baker’s Brew

Besides being popular for their cakes and pastries, Baker’s Brew also offers a wide variety of engaging cake decorating classes starting from S$118, which are suitable for beginners as well as advanced learners. Pick up fundamental skills and learn the basics of baking, or experiment with interesting flavours like Sakura & Uji Matcha, or Ondeh Ondeh Cake. If you wish to organise a one-for-one workshop or for small events, they also cater to private classes.

6. Palate Sensations

Source: Palate Sensations

Palate Sensations brings you back to the basics if you’re aspiring to be a professional culinary chef or baker. Through their hands-on culinary workshops, thousands of budding chefs have been trained to understand the knowledge of food preparation instead of simply replicating recipes online. Learn how to prepare iconic French desserts, cupcakes, scones and many other pastries, with prices starting from S$128 per person.

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