Daunt Coffee Review - Korean Barista Preparing Cold Brew with Honey

Located in Busan, Jeonpo Cafe Street mainly housed industrial shops until 2009, when it began to grow into a popular destination for locals and tourists alike for its collection of modern restaurants and cafes.

With a plethora of restaurants and cafes to choose from, we’ve curated a list of the best cafes in Jeonpo Cafe Street.

1. Beheegle Bagel

Bulgogi Beef Bagel with lettuce, tomatoes onions and cheese, iced water and stickers
Packed with fresh vegetables, the Bulgogi Cheese Sandwich was light and palatable as a breakfast dish

Beheegle Bagel specialises in coffee and bagels.

Starting from ₩2,500, their ensemble of bagels comprises of Plain, Salt, Sesame, Everything Seasoning; the usual. Meanwhile, the more interesting ones are Blueberry, Squid Ink Cheese, Cheese Jalepeno and Oatmeal.

Pair them with their house made spread, including Chives, Bacon Jalepeno, Maple Walnut and Oreo.

For classics, opt for the Ham Cheese Sandwich (₩6,000) and Smoked Salmon Sandwich (₩7,900). Meanwhile, those who are looking for ‘Korean’ flavours can try their Honey Sesame Sandwich (₩6,000) and Bulgogi Cheese Sandwich (₩7,300).

Don’t forget to take a photo with their vintage decors and basket of bagels at the storefront!

Beheegle Bagel

Location: 35 Seojeon-ro, 38 beon-gil
부산 부산진구 서전로38번길 35 1층 베희글
Opening hours: 9am-7pm

2. Egg Drop

How can something as simple as an egg sandwich be so addictive?

Egg Drop is a popular no-frills egg sandwich shop in Korea.

Their menu starts from ₩3,900 for their Mr. Egg, their simplest version, with their signature fluffy scrambled eggs between toasted brioches.

Diners can also choose to add on American ham, bacon, avocado, bulgogi beef and more.

Egg Drop

Location: 27 Jeonpo-daero, 199 beon-gil
부산 부산진구 전포대로199번길 27 1층
Opening hours: 9am-9pm

3. Crashop

If you’re the type of diner who crave variety without wanting to break your bank, here’s the place for you.

Crashop sells mini croissants with 20 different flavours, all priced between ₩1,000-1,200.

Aside from the classics which can be found in most cafes, Crashop’s ensemble includes unique flavours such as Red Bean Cream, Injeolmi, Holic Corn and Strawberry Milky.


Location: 198-12 Bujeon-dong, Busanjin-gu, Busan
부산 부산진구 부전동 198-12
Opening hours: 11am-10pm

4. Daunt

Daunt Coffee Review - Minimalistic Coffee House at Jeonpo Cafe Street Busan South Korea

A micro-roastery and a cafe all in one roof, Daunt is a two-story minimalistic coffee house.

Its house blend has a chocolatey aftertaste, which is more prominent in the form of an espresso-based drinks, which starts from ₩4,300 for a cup of Americano.

Meanwhile, those who prefer coffee without ‘bitterness’ can opt for their cold brews instead. Steeped in cold water for at least 12 hours, the undertones of the coffee grounds are extracted while leaving behind the bitter note.

We recommend the cold brews from Daunt’s Einspanner series, which are cold brew coffees topped with a creamy cold foam.


Location: 43-6, Seojeon-ro, 38 beon-gil
부산 부산진구 서전로38번길 43-6 1층 다운트
Opening hours: 11am-10pm

5. Vintage 38

Most cafes and restaurants in South Korea opens after 10am, which can be inconvenient for early risers.

Vintage 38 is a 24-hour cafe that serves an assortment of pastries, coffee and tea.

The cafe is clad in an industrial aesthetic, with vintage toys and decors on display. Lovers of the olden era will be delighted to find a large collection of vinyl records, old electronics and toys from their childhood.

The ambience is exceptional, especially when paired with their signature On The Sunset (₩7,000), a citrus tea that is sweetened with honey.

Vintage 38’s drinks menu also includes Green Tea Latte (₩5,500), Strawberry Latte (₩7,000), Balona Choco Latte (₩6,500) and coffee.

Vintage 38

Location: 38 Jeonpo-daero 199beon-gil
부산 부산진구 전포대로199번길 38
Opening hours: 24 hours

6. DDO Greek

DDO Greek makes their own greek yogurt in-house.

You can get it Plain for ₩3,400, or get them with toppings for ₩6,400. The combinations include granola with peaches and apples, mixed berries, and melons and mangoes.

We recommend going early as most of their items sell out fast!

DDO Greek

Location: 32 Seojeon-ro, 46beon-gil
부산 부산진구 서전로46번길 32
Opening hours: 12-8pm

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