In Singapore, hot days occupy most of the calendar—the weather is seldom cool here. And if you try to deal with that by using the air conditioner a lot, your expenses get higher each month! 

One thing you can do is get a standing fan, but if you want something classy, comfortable, and space-saving, then you should opt for a ceiling fan.

There are many kinds of ceiling fans out there, differing in style, size, and features. Given this, how do you know which appliance you should get for your property?

To help you out, we’ll first go over the fundamentals so you’ll know what to look for and can decide from our list of the best ceiling fans in Singapore!

What to Consider When Buying a Ceiling Fan

Here are the things you have to consider when getting a ceiling fan:

1. Motor

The power that your ceiling fan brings lies with its motor. Ceiling fans can be equipped with an AC, DC, or copper motor. 

An AC motor is durable and easier to maintain, while a DC motor is more common and has moderate durability, and usually has a copper motor that stays cool for a longer time. 

2. Blade size

The blade size determines the fan’s airflow. A shorter blade offers direct airflow, but longer blades deliver a gentle, cooling breeze that’s ideal for bigger rooms.

In addition to that, it’s vital to pick a blade size that will fit in your room and on your ceiling. 

3. Materials

Blades can be made of different materials like MDF, hardwood, ABS plastic, metal, and others.

MDF is made of sawdust and wood residues. It is cheap and holds well in dry indoor areas, but not outdoors where the blade can sag as a result of a lot of moisture.

Those that are made from hardwood are hard-wearing and often have intricate designs. 

ABS plastic is durable, light, and easy to clean, whereas metal is most suitable in larger rooms that have high ceilings.

4. Features

Below are the common features you can find in a ceiling fan:

  • Built-In Light – Many ceiling fans have a built-in light situated at their bases. They use LED lights, which go a long way to reducing your power expenses.
  • Timer Mode – This sets a specified time when the fan would work. After that time has elapsed, it will turn off, thus saving energy.
  • Sleep Mode – Generally speaking, if the sleep mode is turned on, the timer and fan light will gradually slow down till the fan comes to a full stop.

Also, these are some of the safety features you’ll encounter:

  • Safety Wire – This secures the fan motor to the ceiling hook and keeps it from breaking off from the pipe rod and falling to the ground.
  • Safety Blade Hook – This prevents the blade arms from falling off.
  • Safety Fuse – This simply prevents the fan motor from overheating.


A ceiling fan is expensive, so you have to look for a warranty when you buy one for assurance. 

Before that, you have to ensure that you’re buying from a legit seller. Also, you have to double-check the fan after it is installed by the technician.

The technicians should be safety-oriented and have high-quality spare parts, which are important. 

Why? Well, according to the Ceiling Fan Repair Singapore team, a ceiling fan may not perform as efficiently as before if lower-quality parts are used. Not to mention that it’s more worrying in terms of safety as well.

The best ceiling fans in Singapore

Those were the things you have to look for when buying a ceiling fan. Now that you know them, let’s go on to our roundup of the best ceiling fans in Singapore!

1. KDK U48FP Remote Ceiling Fan (White)

Source: Lazada
  • 9-speed control with sleep mode
  • LED lighting to brighten your living space
  • Patented safety design

Is the summer heat affecting you at home? If so, you might want to get the KDK U48FP Ceiling Fan, which can produce a strong breeze to cool your room.

It has a remote with 9-speed settings, as well as sleep and Yuragi mode. The Yuragi mode blows an alternating low and high pattern to lower your body heat.

With a safety blade and wire, this fan will remain durable and stable on your ceiling. It even has LED lighting.

Only the white version is available on Lazada but for a lower price. However, other stores like Shopee, offer the black variant of this dependable ceiling fan.

KDK U48FP Remote Ceiling Fan (White)

2. Haiku 52″ / 60″ H-series DC Standard Mount Fan

Source: Haiku
  • Classy and handcrafted design 
  • Powerful fan performance
  • Offers dimmable LED kit as an add-on
  • 5-year motor and LED warranty

Aesthetically pleasing and superb in comfort, The Haiku H-Series DC Fan is a work of art that’s handcrafted using eco-friendly Moso bamboo. 

The fan can fit in small rooms measuring 4.5 square metres. You can choose between a 52 or 60” blade size and whether to add an LED dimmable light kit.

The handheld remote lets you control this fan to your liking. It has 7 different speeds, along with a sleep mode, timer mode, and a Whoosh mode.

Haiku offers installation services with rates that depend on your ceiling type and height. There’s no charge for the GST, either.

Haiku 52″ / 60″ H-series DC Standard Mount Fan

3. Exhale Bladeless Ceiling Fan with LED Light

Source: Shopee
  • Provides a 360-degree airflow through the Vortex technology
  • Quietly runs at 33 to 45 decibels
  • Has an energy-saving LED lighting
  • Lifetime warranty

If you need a fan for a large area in a public or personal setting, you might want to consider the Exhale Bladeless Ceiling Fan.

The Exhale bladeless fan draws air below and powers out from around its open sides, reaching farther distances in an area or room than most fans. 

This all-around fan can probably be better for certain users as a result. It would be great for someone with hypertension to combat the sweltering heat, for instance.

If the whirring seems to disturb you while you’re working, this fan operates silently from 33 to 45 decibels—33 decibels sound a bit louder than a whisper.

Other than that, you can turn on the LED lighting in warm or cool white—whichever you’ve chosen. Also, it comes with a confident lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

Exhale Bladeless Ceiling Fan with LED Light

4. Samaire Ceiling Fan 4242 (Satin Steel)

Source: Shopee
  • Vintage ceiling fan
  • Affordably priced
  • Passed safety standards 161377-312

This Samaire Ceiling Fan 4242 will certainly impress you. It has a classic look from top to bottom, 5 acrylic blades, and a pull cord operation.

Looks aren’t what this fan is all about, though. It passed safety standards that will keep you and your family safe whenever you use the fan against the bite of the hot weather.

It uses a copper motor that stays cool for a longer time. Its controls include high, medium, and low settings so you can set the fan to whatever is most comfortable for you.

Furthermore, you can add a remote and/or one of the many light kits for an added price. It measures 1067 mm wide and 339 mm high, great for medium to large spaces.

Samaire Ceiling Fan 4242 (Satin Steel)

5. Fanco Delgala DC-159 Ceiling Fan

Source: Shopee
  • Sleek matte black design
  • Silent operation
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Lifetime motor warranty

The Fanco Delgala Ceiling Fan can class up your entire place. It’s available in 45 and 52 inches as well as three colours in matte black, wood, and white.

Using a brushless motor, this fan is so durable, efficient, and quiet that it won’t interrupt you at home while you’re working.

It comes with 5-speed controls, which can be reversed to maximise the airflow and make you feel cool. 

You can purchase the fan without the LED light kit. But if you buy it, you’ll be able to change the light between warm, cool, and daylight through the remote. 

On top of that, the fan comes with a lifetime warranty for the motor.  You can let experienced staff install it for you for a certain price if you buy on Shopee.

Fanco Delgala DC-159 Ceiling Fan

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