Where time is essence in today’s world, imagine arriving at your doorstep, only to find yourself fumbling for keys lost amidst the mess in your bag. Keep up with the times and upgrade to an electronic lock instead — one of the key home essentials in today’s age. Convenience aside, a digital lock also improves safety.

There are many electronic locks in Singapore and all of them is sure to guarantee quick access or some sort of smart feature, such as a bluetooth feature that connects to your phone. Hence, we’ve curated a list of the best digital locks in Singapore to assist you with your shopping.

1. Luxus Atlas Door Lock and DG5 Gate Lock

Photo: Luxus

You can now enhance your home’s security with the Luxus Atlas Digital Lock, introducing a two-way auto-synchronisation gate and door lock system that allows your main door to unlock simultaneously with your gate. With complete control in your hands, you can even remotely unlock your door for guests at any point of time.

With a non-duplicable SafeCard encrypted keycard system and a two-step verification mechanism that combines SafeCard and fingerprint recognition for heightened protection, this lock provides added layers of security so that you can be rest assured whenever you are out of the house. You can also effortlessly register new fingerprints through the Luxus Mobile Application, while compatibility with voice-controlled platforms like Google Home and Amazon Alexa adds extra convenience. In addition, be impressed by the 0.3-second unlocking time to minimise any time wastage.

In the face of Singapore’s challenging climate, this digital lock is made of anti-rust materials and fortified against moisture, allowing it to maintain its lustre even in humid conditions. Equipped with a one-piece lever handle, it also eradicates the risk of jammed components, thus increasing its overall durability.

Luxus Atlas Door Lock and DG5 Gate Lock

2. Philips Facial Recognition Smart Lock

Photo: Philips

Picture arriving home, hands filled with groceries, but opening the doors is not an issue since you can easily do so hands-free with Philips DDL702-8HWS Facial Recognition Digital Lock.

Equipped with a dual-camera system, this digital lock emulates human eye imaging to create precise 3D facial images, ensuring a seamless, hands-free unlocking experience. This advanced technology goes beyond conventional recognition by accurately identifying individuals even when they’re wearing makeup.

Notably, its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity opens up a world of remote access control possibilities via the user-friendly Philips EasyKey App. This includes the ability to remotely grant access to guests through temporary PIN codes, enhancing flexibility and convenience. In addition, the DDL702-8HWS incorporates intelligent power management through ultrasonic sensors, significantly reducing energy consumption and extending the lock’s battery life.

Of course, aside from the advanced technology, this lock also retains the more primitive digital lock features such as fingerprint authentication and PIN codes.

Philips Facial Recognition Smart Lock

3. Samsung SHP-DR708

Photo: Samsung

The Samsung Digital Lock’s comprehensive suite of features makes it the prime choice for home security.

Approved by IMDA for Singapore, it assures reliability and adherence to local standards. With five different authentication methods, including fingerprint recognition and smartphone apps, it provides diverse options for secure access.

The smartphone apps allow for remote unlocking via smartphone, Wi-Fi connectivity, smart bell alerts and enhanced security features such as one-time passwords, random security codes, anti-theft setup, and suspicious movement. The list just keeps going on.

Lastly, the lock allows for customisable sound settings allow for quiet entries when needed, catering to a sleeping child or late-night arrivals.

Samsung SHP-DR708

4. Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock

Photo: Xiaomi

A simple “Hi, Siri, unlock the door” command with the Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock allows effortless access to your home.

With the use of Apple’s HomeKit via the Xiaomi Home app, this lock simplifies your daily routine. Its fingerprint identification rate of 98.94% is for one. After verifying your fingerprint, the lock automatically retracts the lock latch, which eliminates the need for manual handling. Similarly, when you leave the house, the lock swiftly secures your home by locking within a mere 0.8 seconds of door closure.

Quiet operation is a hallmark of the Xiaomi lock. It features a fully automatic power system driven by an innovative linear power system. This technology ensures stable, fast and quiet expansion and contraction of the lock latch, ideal for late-night returns without disturbing your family.

And what about security? This technology combines fingerprint, skin and conductivity information for enhanced security. The Xiaomi lock also offers flexible password options, including a 20-digit scrambled PIN code for added security. To take it up a notch, the app offers real-time monitoring to keep you informed about your door’s status, and timely abnormality alarms.

Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock

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