Paper lantern making workshops have been the hype this season. But there is so much more that Singapore’s arts and craft scene offers, such as assembling your own terrarium, exploring your style with art jamming, or crafting a customised leather good.

Perfect for dates, corporate events, and hen parties, here are the eight best DIY workshops and activities in Singapore to sign up for.

1. Scentopia – Perfume Workshop

Photo: Scentopia

Scentopia, located at Sentosa’s Siloso Beach, offers an exceptional DIY workshop experience in Singapore, making it the ultimate choice for those seeking to capture the city’s essence in a perfume bottle.

If you want a perfume that reminds you of Singapore, Scentopia allows you to transform the fragrant memories of iconic Singaporean locations like Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Botanical Garden, Orchid Garden, and Sentosa into personalised scents. With the assistance of orchid-infused fragrance oils and a unique fragrance personality assessment, participants craft their signature scents, making their visit to Singapore truly unforgettable. This immersive experience offers an array of options, from crafting a 100ml Orchid Signature Scent to reed diffusers and essential oils, along with DIY kits for future exploration.

The fragrance personality assessment categorises individuals into citrus, fresh, floral, woody, or oriental profiles, offering a deeper understanding of one’s preferences and character. With this insight, participants select aromatic elements that resonate most authentically with their essence, creating a harmonious symphony that embodies their unique fragrance identity.


Location: 36 Siloso Beach Walk, Unit 01-04 Sentosa, 099007

2. Room To Imagine – Resin art

Photo: Room To Imagine

In the world of art and design, resin art has risen as an enchanting trend, weaving its mesmerising beauty into the finest decor. From botanic luxe resin dishes to acrylic pour coasters and crystal cheeseboards, Room To Imagine offers a diverse range of possibilities, allowing you to craft your own designer masterpiece that can adorn your personal space.

Despite its complex-looking finish, no prior art background is required. All their classes are tailor-made for all ages, making them perfect for anyone looking to unleash their creativity. But more importantly, their friendly instructors provide personalised step-by-step guidance, making the art-making process both inspiring and fun.

Beyond being a creative outlet, their classes are a fantastic stress-reliever and a way to bond with friends and family. So, grab a friend or come solo and make new connections while crafting your artistic dreams.

Room To Imagine

Location: 57 Ubi Ave 1, #07-04 Ubi Centre, Singapore 408936

3. Soap Ministry – Soap and candle making

Photo: Soap Ministry

Here’s a practical and enjoyable DIY activity: soap making.

From the basic bath bombs to unique breastmilk soaps, Soap Ministry offers a wide array of beauty and wellness workshops that cater to various interests and preferences, while immersing you in the beauty world of organic skincare.

Diana Ong, the founder of Soap Ministry empowers individuals to take control of what touches their skin. Hence, this soap making workshop won’t be just a fun experience, but rather, an educational journey where you learn new skincare tips.

Soap Ministry

Location: Orchard Gateway 277 Orchard Road, #03-04 Singapore 238858

4. Juswood – Wood Crafting

Photo: Juswood

If you have a unique woodworking project in mind that cannot be bought off the shelf, Juswood has the expertise to bring that unique idea to life that aligns with your requirement. It is a judgment-free zone where newbies and experts alike come together to unleash their creativity. 

Whether you’re a newbie looking to dip your toes in woodcrafting or a seasoned pro to refine new skills, Gerard Robert, the founder and craftsman, is committed to delivering personalised support as you embark on the journey of creating your own furniture, all the while introducing a diverse range of woodworking techniques. And the excitement doesn’t end here as Juswood will be launching a hot-off-the-press coffee table woodworking class in October. 

In this workshop, participants will craft a unique 50cm round coffee table. The workshop spans four hours and offers flexibility, allowing individuals to create their coffee tables or couples to collaborate on a single one. Participants can also select their preferred materials including pinewood, oakwood, and raintree wood.


Location: 58 Senang Cres, Singapore 416625

5. Terrarium Singapore by Fun Empire – Terrarium workshop

Photo: Terrarium Singapore

If you’ve ever longed for a garden but lacked the space, a mini garden terrarium is the perfect solution to spice up your interior design.

Not only is it easy to maintain, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing. For couples, you can even create a matching terrarium as a meaningful activity. With such a wide array of figurines, every terrarium you create can be a unique masterpiece. You can switch up the figurines, plants, and arrangements to match different themes or moods, making each creation an exciting, one-of-a-kind project.

Terrarium Singapore provides you with an opportunity to connect with nature and fellow enthusiasts while making new friends. You’ll not only learn the art of crafting terrariums but also gain valuable insights into plant care, ensuring that your miniature garden thrives in a self-sustaining environment.

Terrarium Singapore

Location: Fun Empire HQ, 60 Tannery Lane, Singapore 347803

6. Crafune – Leather crafting

Photo: Crafune

Fashion your own leather treasures at Crafune, a DIY leather workshop that allows you to craft your own leather goods from scratch.

Inspired by the heartfelt Portuguese term ‘Cafuné,’ which refers to the tender act of running fingers through a loved one’s hair, Crafune aims infuse this warmth into its creations.

Crafune utilises eco-friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable materials, advocating a conscious approach to crafting. Select from a diverse palette of colours and personalise your creations through hot stamping, ensuring each piece is a canvas for your self-expression.

Additionally, the workshop offers an educational dimension, enabling you to acquire fundamental knowledge of leather, such as scoring, cutting, hole punching, and attaching snap buttons.


Location: 38 Haji Ln, #02-01, Singapore 189231

7. Bloomback – Flower dome workshop

Source: Bloomback

The history of flower arrangement dates back to ancient times, but flower domes have not lost its charm yet.

Bloomback’s flower dome workshops are tailored for beginners, welcoming individuals with no prior experience in flower arrangement. Prepare for a therapeutic journey as you delve into the art of crafting with preserved flowers, all within the charming confines of a dome. These preserved blooms, completely natural, retain their exquisite beauty for months to years without any maintenance or light, making them a lasting marvel.

Their workshop ensures that your experience is top-notch. All the necessary materials are provided, the workshops are available onsite and offsite, and a professional will be present to provide step-by-step guidance.


Location: 33 Ubi Ave 3, The Vertex, #05-70, Tower A (Use lift lobby A), Singapore 408868

8. The Work Room – Calligraphy workshop

Photo: The Work Room

With a focus on calligraphy, The Work Room opens the doors to creating beautiful works of art for your journals and special occasions.

Here, you’ll not only be introduced to the intricate tools but also embark on a journey to master the alphabet and craft your favourite quote for your ‘graduating piece’. With a rich history in teaching calligraphy since 2013, The Work Room boasts an impressive portfolio of commissioned work, private classes, and live calligraphy services for renowned names like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel.

Catering exclusively to adults, this workshop equips you with a wealth of take-home materials, including pointed nibs, straight holders, sumi ink, alphabet exemplars, guide sheet booklets, writing papers, class exercises, clear folders, and tote bags. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of modern calligraphy tools, master the art of writing basic strokes and lowercase alphabets, and ultimately create a personalised inspirational quote.

The Work Room

Location: Level 9, 1 North Bridge Rd, High Street Centre, Singapore 179094

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