There are tons of do-it-yourself (DIY) workshops in Singapore for craft lovers, from the more popular options such as resin and terrariums, to something a little more niche like modern calligraphy. However, such workshops don’t always come cheap.

Not only are DIY kits more affordable, but it also allows you to enjoy this therapeutic activity in the comforts of your own home.

From paper crafts to bakes, here are the nine best craft kits in Singapore that you can work on at home, whether it’s alone, as a date idea, or a with a group of friends.

1. PaperMarket | Paper Crafts

Photo: Paper Market

Let your creativity take flight and bring paper to life with this art and crafts store that carries award-winning craft kits. PaperMarket is a one-stop craft store where you can get all-inclusive materials for your next meaningful project.

Be blown away by the extensive variety of specially curated DIY craft kits, which are suitable for all ages, including animal crafts, stickers, imaginative play, crafting and more. Whether it’s creating succulents from felt, braiding friendship bracelets or making puffy charms from scratch, get inspired and jumpstart your limitless imagination.

Paper Market

2. Sophie & Toffee | Resin Crafts

Lorien Kit from Sophie & Toffee Resin Craft Kit in Singapore. Source: Sophie & Toffee
Photo: Sophie and Toffee

Start your resin journey with exclusive resin craft kits from Sophie and Toffee.

Each box includes essential tools and resin materials, with interesting craft box themes such as board games, bubble tea, terrarium and more. Elves and Disney subscription boxes are crowd favourites.

Individual kits and monthly subscription boxes are available on their website. Colourings and glitters can also be purchased separately to fulfill your creative desires if you wish to design out of the box!

Sophie and Toffee

3. The Green Capsule | Terrarium

Terrarium workshop for corporate and terrarium DIY craft kit for homes. Source: The Green Capusle
Photo: The Green Capsule

Have green fingers but don’t want to get dirty in the garden? Pick up urban gardening skills with The Green Capsule by decorating a personalised terrarium.

Choose from Airplant Greenwall, Open Succulent Terrarium and Closed Ornamental Terrarium set. Each terrarium kit comes with a glass jar, pre-pack soil, pebbles, moss, assorted succulents, stirrer, instruction guide, box carrier and a figurine of your choice.

The Green Capsule

4. Custom Bites | DIY Cookies

DIY Cookie Decorating Kit. Source: The Custom Bites
Photo: Custom Bites

Baking is therapeutic and effective method to distress. However, not everyone likes to be involved in the aftermath.

For inexperienced bakers who wish to enjoy the exciting part of decorating without any hassle, Custom Bites offer DIY cookie decorating kits that allow you to unbox straightaway!

No oven, no equipment and no extra tools required. Each kit contains sugar cookies, royal icing and a step-by-step instructions guide to kickstart your cookie project.

Custom Bites

5. Hands on Klay | Polymer Clay Jewellery

Hands on Klay Polymer Clay Jewelry. Source: Hands on Klay
Photo: Hands on Klay

Instead of spending money on accessories, why not design them yourself?

Hands on Klay’s DIY polymer clay jewellery-making kit is specially curated for those who wish to get started on learning how to create their own jewellery, with over 20 items to fidget with.

Not only do you get to experience the creative process, but you also get to flaunt the final masterpiece when it’s complete. Each set includes 6 pieces of high-quality polymer clay- black, white, pink, blue, nude, green- in 30g pieces and all the necessary tools and materials.

Hands on Klay

6. Streaks n Strokes | Painting

Couple Boba T-shirt Painting DIY Kit. Source: Streaks and Strokes
Photo: Streak n Strokes

It’s easy to grab painting materials from art and craft shops to unleash your creativity on a piece of paper. But nothing beats the fun of being able to paint on something different, like a tote bag or t-shirt.

Streaks n Strokes is an art-jamming studio that offers DIY painting kits.

Engage in meaningful projects with your significant other by painting your favourite things like bubble tea together. Drawing skills aren’t even necessary as each set comes with pencils, carbon papers, and printed designs for you and your partner so that you can trace them on before painting.

Streak n Strokes

7. Deer Folks | Hand Embroidery

Embroidery workshops and DIY craft kits in Singapore. Source: Deer Folks
Photo: Deer Folks

Hand embroidery, an intricate method of embellishing fabric with needle and thread, has come a long way since ancient times.

Embrace this traditional art form with a modern touch at Deer Folks.

Each embroidery kit includes a 6 inch wooden embroidery hoop, embroidery needle, needle threader, 6 skeins of DMC embroidery floss and cotton-linen blend fabric, together with a beginner’s guide.

Deer Folks

8. Make Your Own | Modern Calligraphy

Make Your Own Modern Calligraphy DIY Kit. Source: Make Your Own
Photo: Make Your Own

Calligraphy art, the art of beautiful handwriting, has since evolved over time and across the world. This semi-cursive script font is now popular amongst the younger age group as its elegant letterform is widely used with decorative elements in cafe menus, wedding invitations, poster designs and more.

Pick up this intricate skill at Make Your Own, a local DIY studio.

Besides Calligraphy art, Make Your Own also offers a wide range of other DIY kits such as acrylic pour, painting and terrariums.

Make Your Own

9. Cafe de Paris | Art Jamming

Art Jamming at Cafe de Paris. Source: Cafe de Paris
Photo: Cafe de Paris

Art Jamming has become increasingly high in demand these days as it is a therapeutic activity to destress from your hectic work life. Some prefer to bond with friends over a cup of tea and painting session, while others prefer to paint in private.

Get a full art jamming kit delivered to your doorstep from Cafe De Paris. The kit consists of a standard set of paint with the option of additional colours,, brushes, stationery, sponge, apron and a linen canvas.

Family bundles are also available.

Cafe de Paris

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