Fishballs in Singapore? Here’s our recommendations on where to get the best fresh and frozen fishballs.

Fishballs are a hotpot favourite among Singaporeans for many reasons. Not only do they taste great, it’s super convenient to prepare. You can simply throw them in the broth, or take it up a notch by grilling them. Plus, they’re super versatile, so everyone at the table can enjoy them their way. Even beyond hotpot, you can easily incorporate fishballs into your everyday meals.

Where to get the best fishballs in Singapore?

1. TomTom Fish Balls
2. DoDo
3. BoBo
4. Tiong Bahru Fishballs
5. FairPrice
6. The Fishball Story

1. TomTom Fish Balls

Aesthetic photo of plated fishballs by TomTom Fish Balls, one of the best fishballs in Singapore
Photo: TomTom Fish Balls

TomTom Fish Balls, a beloved local brand, trace their origins to a cherished family recipe, boasting an impressive 5-star rating on Shopee. Their roots trace back to a humble fish ball stall, established in the 1970s, in the Old Airport Road Food Centre.

Dedicated to excellence, TomTom prides itself on using premium ingredients and avoiding preservatives. From timeless classics to bold innovations like Spicy Mala, they offer a flavour for every palate, ensuring a snack experience like no other.

TomTom Fish Balls revolutionises the snacking experience with their pioneering introduction of the first-ever retail fish ball paired with a tantalising spicy seasoning powder. Praised in online reviews for their impeccable texture, freshness, and perfectly balanced flavours, TomTom continues to set the standard for delectable snacking options. 

TomTom’s Hot & Spicy seasoning, crafted from premium spices, adds an irresistible kick to any dish. Also, you can take your culinary adventures to the next level by creating your own crispy and flavourful shaker fries at home, thanks to this versatile seasoning blend.

With the convenience of an online store, enjoying TomTom Fish Balls is easier than ever. Whether savoured solo or incorporated into your favourite recipes, they consistently deliver a delectable eating experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

TomTom Fish Balls

2. DoDo

Frozen fishballs in Singapore by DoDo, available in NTUC and shopee
Photo: FairPrice

Suitable for everyone, savour the deliciousness of halal-certified DoDo frozen fishballs, perfect for enjoying in the comfort of your own home. Crafted with care by Thong Siek Global, it is the first fishball manufacturer in Singapore that earned both HACCP and EU licence for export to the European market.

Simply heat and create your own dishes at home with DoDo’s fresh products. Available to purchase at local FairPrice.


3. BoBo

Frozen fishballs in Singapore with unique fishball flavours — BoBo, available at NTUC and on Shopee
Photo: FairPrice

One of the more famous fishballs in Singapore, BoBo’s innovative product range adds a flavourful twist to traditional fishballs and fishcakes.

Explore their classic range and uncover their creations like Fuzhou Fish Ball with Chicken Fillings and Chilli Cooked Fish Ball. They also offer other products such as chicken sausages, chicken ham, and chicken cheese meatballs. 

Available offline at FairPrice and online at Shopee.


4. Tiong Bahru Fishball

Fresh fishballs in Singapore by Tiong Bahru Fishball, a fishball stall in Tiong Bahru Market
Not a fan of frozen fishballs? Here’s where you can get fresh ones in SingaporePhoto: CK C / Google Images

While frozen fishballs offer convenience, they’re not your only option. You can easily get freshly-made fishballs in Singapore.

Consider trying Tiong Bahru Fishball, known for its time-honoured expertise and flavours. With over 50 years of experience, their bouncy, fresh fishballs embody tradition and quality. Crafted using authentic Teochew methods, their fishballs are made from premium Wolf Herring fish without any flour, resulting in a completely different taste from the others.

Order online via their website or walk-in to their store located in Tiong Bahru Market.

Tiong Bahru Fishball

Location: 30 Seng Poh Road #02-20, Tiong Bahru Market, Singapore 168898

5. FairPrice Fishball

Cheap fishballs in Singapore FairPrice brand

If you’re looking for budget-friendly fishballs in Singapore, consider getting Fairprice’s fishballs. They contain no artificial preservatives or colorings and you can effortlessly prepare it by boiling, steaming, microwaving, or deep frying. 

Fairprice’s Fishball with Roe is priced at $8.6 for 500 grams. Enjoy delicious meals with ease and confidence, all at a price point that fits your budget.

Fairprice Fishball

6. The Fishball Story

The Fishball Story, michelin-award fishballs in Singapore
Photo: Richard See / Google Images

For an extraordinary dining experience at home, try the Michelin-award fishball, Fishball Story. Popular for its flavourful Premium Fishball Noodle ($7.5) and Premium Laksa ($8.5), made with premium ingredients and crafted by hands, each bite reflects a legacy of quality and taste. 

Their fishballs are made of 100% yellowtail fish meat with no added flour.

Drop by the restaurant to dine-in and try their chilli or bring their pre-packed fishball to enjoy at home. 

The Fishball Story

Dining at home? Here are more food to consider:

Location: 200 Victoria St, #01-71/72, (Along North Bridge Road), Singapore 188021

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