Reclaimed Teak Glass Cabinet. Source: Island Living

As more people are getting the keys to their new homes, one of the most exciting things about moving into being able to decorate it however you want. You could spruce it up with a bunch of smart appliances, you could turn your kitchen into a open cafe-style bar, and you can finally have the bedroom makeover you’ve always wanted as a kid.

Of course, you can just take it easy and shop at IKEA, the go-to furniture store in Singapore. Alternatively, if you want a convenient shopping experience, Castlery, a well-established online furniture shop would be more appropriate. But if you have a specific type of home decor aesthetics, you might have to dig deeper.

Whether you want a Scandinavian look, a cosy tropical resort aesthetic, or a maximalist interior, here are the six best furniture stores in Singapore to build your dream home.

1. Finn Avenue – Exquisite Home Furnishings

Photo: Finn Avenue

Finn Avenue, a distinguished furniture retailer in Singapore, is a one-stop shop for individuals in pursuit of exquisite home furnishings and interior decor. With almost a decade of experience, Finn Avenue’s opulent showroom and online store have gained recognition for their exceptional collection, redefining the concept of interior design.

Finn Avenue’s extensive product range caters to every aspect of home decoration, featuring luxurious curved sofas, elegant coffee tables, vanity dressers with striking sideboards. Be it French furniture, Victorian furniture, Art Deco furniture, Rococo furniture or modern vintage furniture, their innovative use of distinct materials like mirrored, marble, and mother-of-pearl finishes, elevates the ambiance of living spaces instantly.

This establishment goes beyond merely providing furniture; it presents a holistic interior solution. From wall mirrors and accent chairs to dining ware and custom rugs, Finn Avenue ensures a unified and stylish home.

Finn Avenue

Location: 201 Henderson Rd, #04-18, Apex@Henderson 159545

2. Attic Living – Functional Aesthetics, Inspired Living

Photo: Attic Living

As a homegrown brand in Singapore, Attic Living is dedicated to more than quality craftsmanship and affordable prices. They believe that furniture should transcend functionality — revitalising our homes instead. Hence, they’re committed to working with exclusive partners and designers from around the world.

For instance, within their curated Brilliance Top in-house collection, you will discover gems like the Eliott Extendable and the Artisan Oak Dining Table that are not only stunning in design, but also boast its exceptional functionality such as stain, scratch resistant, etc. Meanwhile, their premium genuine leather sofas, including the best-selling Zedda, Monté, and the stylish boucle sofa series (Kyoji, Mellow, Oguri, etc.) are the popular designs that are well-loved by many. Also not to mention they offer an extensive array of fabric customisation options to cater to your unique preferences and style as well.

Their local warehouse guarantees that their key collections are always readily available in stock, substantially reducing the waiting time for production. This means you can acquire the furniture you desire without unnecessary delays.

Lastly, their outstanding track record with top-rated reviews are being recognised as Singapore’s Best Customer Service by The Straits Times, a testament to their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and quality.

Attic Living

Location: 61 Tai Seng Ave, #B1-01 Print Media Hub, Singapore 534167

3. Journey East – All-in-one furniture shop

Photo: Journey East

Journey East is an all-in-one modern furniture shop, with an 8,600 square-foot showroom. With ten designer brands and handmade collections from all over the world, Journey East promises the right furniture for their customers.

For instance, d-Bodhi, the world’s premier eco-chic furniture brand, exudes modern-country. Its rustic, warm-coloured wooden furniture reflects the brand’s strong appreciation for nature. Meanwhile, for a combination of modern and industrial, District Eight, incorporates metal with wooden surfaces, bestowing a classy, yet homely aura to their products.

Lastly, for an artsy aesthetic, check out Gangzai and Avenida Home, expressive collections from Paris and England respectively. These artful pieces add pops of colour and personalties in your homes.

Journey East

Location: 315 Outram Rd, #03-02 Tan Boon Liat Building, Singapore 169074

4. Island Living – Tropical living

Photo: Island Living

What kind of traveller are you? If you love immersing yourself in nothing but nature, design a tropical retreat in your home with beach-inspired furniture from Island Living.

With a heavy emphasis on wood, rattan and linen, their featured products include a Pulau Cabinet, designed with a natural hand bent rattan frame. Meanwhile Reclaimed Teak Glass Cabinet is handmade in Indonesia with eco-friendly reclaimed teak wood, with three layers for storage or decoration.

Of course, you might not want to transform your entire house in a resort. The contrast between your home and the outside word may be disorientating. Instead, inject small amounts of tropical vibes with their individual home decors, such as the Silang Standing Lamp, Bahama Rattan Mirror and Amalfi Towel Rack.

Island Living

Location: 8 Kaki Bukit Ave 1, #06-04 Mapletree Industrial Trust, Singapore 417941

5. Noden – Scandinavian homes

Photo: Noden

Scandinavian homes, while a popular choice, is hard to nail due to its similarity with modern designs. The key to an authentic Scandinavian home is light woods and muted colours; in other words, furniture curated by Noden Collective.

Scandinavian is touted for its simple and comforting design that brightens up the house with its colours. Noden Collective’s furniture are not only crafted with wood, but designed with sleek details for a more spacious illusion. Aside from furniture, their online store also features trinkets to inject personality into your homes. Our favourites are the Cat Series by Spring Copenhagen, which features cartoonish sculptures of cats. 

Their Vintage Collection also features an assortment of ceramic cups, vases, candle holders and more.

Noden Home

Location: 211 Henderson Rd, #02-02, Singapore 159552

6. By My Old School – Vintage furniture

Photo: Be My Old School

If the Victorian era is a little too far back in time for you, the 80s might do it for you. By My Old School brings the past to the present with their collection of vintage homeware and gadgets. Instead of utilities such as sofas and tables, this vintage store houses more trinkets and decor piece such as the 1995 Foxclox USA Wall Clock, Vintage Brass Blowtorch Lamp and old-school toy cars.

The shop is only open by appointment, which can be made through their their phone number or social media. Their items are also listed for rent for photoshoots or weddings.

By My Old School

Location: 115A Commonwealth Dr, #03-24, Singapore 149596

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