Just became a new homeowner? Congratulations! Or perhaps you have just renovated your abode for a fresh start. As you embark on this expedition of shaping your living space, let’s commence by delving into the essential items that will genuinely enhance your lifestyle. In today’s modern world, the focus is on seamlessly merging innovation with comfort, addressing everything from the quality of the air you breathe to the water you drink and the security of your sanctuary.

From water dispensers to digital door locks, Here are eight best home essentials in Singapore to get for your home in 2024.

1. Wells The One Water Dispenser

Photo: Wells

Let’s all agree that drinking water plays a big part of your lifestyle. This remarkable Wells The One Water Dispenser not only redefines how you access water, but also adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen.

Boasting a sleek design with a space-optimised diameter of just 8.8cm, it effortlessly blends into your kitchen’s aesthetic compared to its competitors. With its tactile wheel control, 180° body-spin design and a choice of six temperature settings, this dispenser streamlines your food and beverage preparation process, offering hot and cold water at your fingertips.

What sets this dispenser apart is its advanced 9-step nanofiltration technology, guaranteeing top-notch water purification. It goes the extra mile with a self-sterilising system, ensuring that every water pipe undergoes sterilisation every three days.

Adding to its convenience, the built-in passive infrared (PIR) sensor detects human presence, preparing for water release whenever you need it.

Wells The One Water Dispenser

2. La Gourmet Healthy Electric Pressure Cooker 6L

Photo: La Gourmet

The La Gourmet Healthy Electric Pressure Cooker 6L with Full Accessories Set accommodates to your bustling lifestyle, with the need for a safe, quick and multifunctional culinary companion. It’s not just any pressure cooker, but your ally in the kitchen, designed for those with a fast-paced routine who crave home-cooked meals without the complexity.

The 14-in-1 versatility is a game-changer. It eliminates the need for multiple kitchen appliances with features like two-layer cooking, double boiling, or baking. Not only does this streamline your kitchen, but it also saves precious space. It is programmed with 17 preset menus that cater to your diverse culinary needs, from daily dishes to festive feasts, all at the touch of a button. 

As complicated as it sounds, it’s designed with a variety of safety features: a robust 9-point safety system with 2x more safety functions, including an auto-cover sensor for foolproof operation, child-lock feature, and one-touch pressure release.

Save up to 80% of your cooking time without compromising on taste or nutrients, making meal preparation a breeze.

La Gourmet Healthy Electric Pressure Cooker 6L

3. Klasse Smart Laundry Rack

Photo: Klasse

Are you tired of the traditional and laborious way of hanging your clothes to dry? It might be time to consider the convenience of a smart laundry rack.

Meet Klasse, Singapore’s thinnest automated laundry rack, measuring a mere 8cm in thickness. What sets Klasse apart from the competition, which typically averages a bulky 14cm thickness, is its perfect blend of quality and aesthetics. One of Klasse’s standout features is its whisper-quiet operation, thanks to an ultra-silent motor that operates at just 30 dB. This upgraded DC motor not only ensures minimal wear-and-tear but also guarantees a peaceful environment while efficiently drying your clothes.

Safety is paramount with Klasse as it incorporates advanced UV light technology and an automatic human detection system that turns off when it senses someone nearby.


4. Go Digital Lock

Photo: Go Digital Lock

In our fast-paced world today, digital locks have become essential because they offer a smart way to keep our homes secure while making our lives a whole lot easier.

Utilising encryption technology, keycards, or mobile apps, these digital locks offer reliable security and seamless access control. Go Digital Lock, as a top supplier in Singapore, has been an authorised dealer for ten reputable digital door lock brands such as Samsung, Solity, and Philips for over a decade. With a wide range of models catering to residential, commercial, and industrial needs, they ensure that there’s a perfect fit for every requirement and budget. Moreover, Go Digital Lock goes the extra mile by offering free installation and shipping services, a generous 24-month warranty, and swift 24-hour delivery across Singapore.

Go Digital Lock

5. Xiao Mi Robot Vacuum X10

Photo: Xiaomi

Unless you actually like daily chores, there’s a smarter way — the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10, your ideal cleaning companion.

Firstly, its dual auto-emptying vents and ducts make dust collection a breeze. With a 2.5L high-capacity disposable bag that can store the remnants of up to 60 full cleaning cycles, you’ll find yourself emptying it far less often. The automatic waste compartment seals itself when you pick it up, ensuring you and your surroundings remain dust-free.

Furthermore, this intelligent vacuum, equipped with advanced LDS laser navigation, delivers precision mapping of your home environment, even in low-light conditions. It skilfully avoids obstacles, guaranteeing a seamless cleaning experience. The 2-in-1 vacuum-mop design takes cleaning to another level. It efficiently removes dust particles while equipped with a 200ml electronically controlled water tank that provides 80 minutes of mopping, ensuring spotless floors. With a powerful 4000Pa suction capability, it easily tackles dust and pet hair, leaving your floors immaculate. Plus, the sizable 5200mAh battery ensures it can clean for over 180 minutes, making it suitable for even larger homes.

It even allows you to create a tailored cleaning plan based on your floor plan, with customisable settings for cleaning time, area, and frequency.

Xiao Mi Robot Vacuum X10

6. Dyson Pure Cool™ air purifier TP00

Photo: Dyson

The Dyson Pure Cool™ air purifier TP00 is a game-changer for your home for both practical and aesthetic reasons.

Firstly, its 360° Glass HEPA filter ensures that it captures ultra-fine particles like pollen, bacteria, and pet dander from all angles, ensuring the air you breathe is as clean as it gets. But what sets this device apart is its dual function. It’s not just an air purifier; it’s also a cooling fan when you need relief from the heat. Thanks to its Air Multiplier™ technology, it amplifies surrounding air, delivering a constant flow of purified, fresh air. Additionally, its smooth oscillation ensures that purified air circulates throughout the room, reaching every corner.

Now, when it comes to bladeless fans, they offer a range of benefits. Firstly, they’re safer, especially for households with children or pets, as there are no exposed blades. This design also makes them easier to clean. Bladeless fans are quieter than traditional fans, providing a more peaceful environment. Furthermore, their sleek and futuristic appearance adds a touch of modern aesthetic to any room, making them both functional and visually appealing.

Dyson Pure Cool™ air purifier TP00

7. Miuvo Stretching Massage Bed

Photo: Miuvo

The Miuvo Stretching Massage Bed offers a combination of smart airbag massage technology, targeted zone massages, airbag kneading, and soothing shoulder and neck pinching and kneading. It’s like having a personal masseuse in the comfort of your home. The waist and back stretching feature takes this experience to another level, alleviating tension and promoting flexibility. What makes this product truly remarkable is its soft and foldable design, making it both compact and space-saving. When not in use, it conveniently folds up for storage or transport.

With four distinct massage modes and three levels of massage strength to choose from, the Miuvo Massage Bed offers a tailored, full-body massage experience that targets key areas such as the neck, lower back, waist, and legs.

Miuvo Stretching Massage Bed

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