Minimalism might work in decor, but not in social gestures. Imagining turning up to a housewarming invite… with no gift. Choosing a housewarming gift in Singapore requires a delicate balance between practicality and affordability. Finding the perfect gift for your friend, colleague, or relative settling into a new home becomes an art (or challenge) in itself.

Maybe it’s a sleek kitchen gadget that complements the compact spaces, or perhaps a cosy throw blanket for those rare cool nights. Here are the ten best housewarming gifts in Singapore so that you won’t embarrass yourself by turning up empty-handed.

10 best housewarming gift ideas:

1. novita Hot Water Dispenser – W10 The Absolute

Photo: novita

A water dispenser is a versatile and indispensable addition to any household, and novita’s W10 ensures you’re on the right track as a thoughtful and functional gift. 

With four instant temperatures catering to different hydration needs and four preset volumes (150, 250, 400, and 800ml) accessible with just a touch of a button, the W10 is designed for convenience and adaptability. Moreover, its 6-stage filtration system ensures effective purification, delivering quality water that aligns with health-conscious living. Not to mention, filter replacement is a breeze with 3 simple D-I-Y steps. Lastly, its tankless unit boasts an energy-efficient instant heating system, allowing you to choose between HydroPlus® Alkaline Antioxidant water or HydroPure™ Purified Energy water. This all-encompassing made-in-Korea unit is a practical addition to households with busy schedules, providing easy access to purified and precisely heated water without compromising on style.

Available in four understated colours, the compact and sleek design effortlessly integrates into various home décors, featuring a slim function with a sleek width of 13cm to fit snugly into smaller kitchens or for aesthetic functionality.

novita Hot Water Dispenser – W10 The Absolute

2. Cosmic Cookware Cosmo Grey Truffle Collection

Photo: Cosmic Cookware

With a campaign focused on simplicity and practicality, the newly launched Cosmo Grey Truffle Collection is a timeless statement and versatile set in any kitchen that caters to all your cooking needs.

Whether you’re whipping up a quick seared dish, letting something simmer, or indulging in a slow-cooked masterpiece. It smoothly transitions from the stove to the table, making your kitchen experience both cohesive and stylish. What sets this collection apart is its world-class non-stick coating, certified Swiss-made and 100% chemical-free. The non-porous surface guarantees food free from harmful substances like Teflon (PTFE), PFOA, cadmium, and lead. This feature not only promotes healthier cooking with less oil but also facilitates easy cleanup, saving time and effort.

The minimalist collection includes the Cosmo Casserole, Cosmo Pan, and Cosmo Fry 24, making it a comprehensive and essential gift for anyone setting up a new home.

Cosmic Cookware Cosmo Grey Truffle Collection

3. Afterflame Soy Candles

Photo: Afterflame

This thoughtfully curated home kit from Afterflame includes one soy candle and a set of four coasters, making it an ideal present for friends who adore hosting gatherings.

The soy candle, available in two captivating scents – Autumn Pear and Fresh Fridays, is not only a fragrant delight but also comes with seed paper and magic soil. Once the candle has burned out, the jar can be repurposed into a planter, adding a touch of greenery to the home. Afterflame prides itself on using 100% soy wax for their candles, ensuring they are GMO-free, lead-free, and toxin-free – safe for both children and pets. The coaster set offers a choice of four designs, all inspired by natural elements and minimalism, reflecting Afterflame’s commitment to creating aesthetic and functional items for homes.

Founded by a young couple in Singapore who have experienced multiple house moves and unnecessary home purchases, Afterflame aims to bring earthy vibes and coziness to homes with their inspired homeware.

Quote AFNEW for free shipping + 10% off their products.

Afterflame Soy Candles

4. LUMOS AURO V2 Home Cinema Short Throw Projector

Photo: LUMOS

Deliver your family or friends a cinematic experience within the confines of home with the LUMOS AURO V2 Home Cinema Short Throw Projector as a perfect housewarming gift. 

With its built-in phone mirroring feature, users can seamlessly project phone content onto a 100-inch screen with minimal lag, eliminating the need for third-party apps. A standout feature is its capability to project a substantial 50-inch from just a 1.5-meter distance, making it adaptable to any room size, be it a BTO, HDB, condo, or landed property. LUMOS is the first Singaporean projector brand to be officially certified by Netflix and YouTube, ensuring a hassle-free streaming experience.

The LUMOS AURO V2 boasts native 1080p resolution with a bright 6,000 lumens, ensuring Blu-Ray standard visuals with vivid colours even in darkness. The inbuilt Dolby Audio Dual Speakers provide a rich and immersive sound experience, eliminating the need for an extra sound system.

As a trusted local brand with over 2000 5-star reviews from satisfied Singaporean users, the LUMOS Projector series makes for an impressive and practical housewarming gift.

LUMOS AURO V2 Home Cinema Short Throw Projector

5. Coxo Vanessa

Photo: Coxo Vanessa

Coxo Vanessa products are not just homewares and decorations, they’re personalised items made for the couple moving into a new home. These gifts are not only cozy and practical but also perfect for new homeowners.

What started as an online store for personalized jewelry has now expanded to a variety of personalised gifts and crafted resin products. Coxo Vanessa is all about making your gifts unique and special, reflecting your love and appreciation for the person receiving them.

Suitable for anyone, their collection includes things like personalised bottles and mugs, coasters, trinkets, bags, pouches, resin coasters, and more. Coxo Vanessa is always looking for new ways to improve their gift ideas and give you the best customising experience possible. So, when it comes to celebrating someone’s new home journey, Coxo Vanessa has got you covered with heartfelt gifts.

Coxo Vanessa

6. La Gourmet Healthy Rice Cooker

Photo: La Gourmet

When it comes to housewarming gifts in Singapore, you can’t go wrong with the La Gourmet 2L Healthy Rice Cooker. After all, who doesn’t love rice?

This essential kitchen tool is not just your regular rice cooker, its advanced 4-stage low starch rice cooking option is a game-changer, reducing sugar content by up to 37%. It goes through stages like Thermoception, Gelatinisation, Hydrolic, and Cooking, ensuring your rice is not only delicious but healthier too.

With 10 preset cooking programs, including options like fast cook, clow cook and cake, this rice cooker caters to various culinary needs. The Cyclone Heat Circulation ensures uniform heat distribution, and the Ai Detector with Fuzzy Logic Tech provides continuous and accurate heat adjustments for perfectly cooked rice every time. Plus, the 1.5mm thickness Ceragan Non-stick Ceramic Coating ensures easy cleaning and durability.

La Gourmet Healthy Rice Cooker

7. Teo Heng WASUKA Flagship Home Karaoke

Photo: Teo Heng

When you think of karaoke, Teo Heng is a familiar name that resonates with countless memorable singing sessions. Elevate the entertainment experience in any new home with the Teo Heng Wasuka Flagship Home Karaoke Series.

The KOD-9000 boasts a 19″ touch screen computerised song selection system with a substantial 4TB hard disk, ensuring an extensive and regularly updated song collection that caters to diverse musical tastes. The Big-5 6.5″ 3-way professional karaoke speakers, particularly the Wasuka Pro-5, deliver an impressive auditory experience with outstanding sound clarity, enhancing the karaoke ambiance.

The WM-9000 professional karaoke microphone, complete with a wireless receiver, allows for a wire-free setup, enabling you to groove and move freely while singing your heart out. The Teo Heng Song Studio dashboard also ensures a smooth user interface with clearer visuals, enhancing the overall user experience.

Teo Heng WASUKA Flagship Home Karaoke

8. Flo Aroma

Photo: FLO Aroma

FLO Aroma‘s FLO Diffuser Home is an innovative, waterless, and heatless aroma diffuser that doubles as a work of art, and is perfect for new home owners. The bundle allows you to choose the design and three pure essential oils, making it a customisable and thoughtful present.

This aromatherapy diffuser sets itself apart by utilising cold air pressure to break down essential oils into fine mist particles, ensuring a faster and more potent aroma without the need for heat or water. It is flameless, eliminating harmful soot and fire hazards, and waterless, removing the hassle of constant refilling and the risk of bacterial growth.

With the power to scent large spaces naturally and safely, it enhances the ambiance, uplifts moods, and encourages relaxation. FLO Aroma not only brings style to your space but also offers numerous health benefits, from headache relief to immune system support.

FLO Aroma

9. Crafti

Photo: Crafti

A gift from Crafti will definitely please any matcha lovers. Sourced directly from tea farmers in Japan, the green tea leaves undergo a meticulous process, from cultivation to grinding into powder, ensuring authenticity and quality. The Kyoto Mornings: Matcha Station Gift Set is a standout choice, offering the opportunity to create approximately 45 matcha lattes—a kit with over $120 of value.

Setting up a matcha station at home takes just 10 minutes with this comprehensive set. With the ability to craft over 10 different drinks, from lattes to cold brews, Crafti provides versatility and a cafe-like experience in the comfort of your home. Share the joy with friends and family, impressing them with superior-quality matcha that’s silky smooth and bursting with fragrant umami—air-flown from Uji, Kyoto.


10. Scoop WholeFoods

Photo: Scoop Wholefoods

Scoop Wholefoods offers a diverse selection that includes bulk wholefoods, a beauty & bath chamber, an in-house glass box bakery, and a kombucha bar. Boasting a vast inventory of over 2,000 products, with approximately 80 percent being certified Australian organic and environmentally responsible, Scoop Wholefoods caters to the growing demand for organic and health-conscious products.

Now, a wider audience can enjoy high-quality, organic products, including nuts, pasta, chocolate, kombucha, juices, and various home and living items such as aromatherapy, soaps, makeup, and skincare.

Whether you opt to curate a personalised gift by selecting your recipient’s favourite snacks or household items, or choose from their ready hamper gift box sets for added convenience, Scoop Wholefoods provides an accessible and thoughtful gift for any housewarming celebration.

Scoop Wholefoods

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