Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival 2023, or Mooncake Festival, with a delightful selection of mooncakes in Singapore! From traditional lotus mooncakes to enticing snowskin mooncakes, this year’s offerings from various acclaimed brands promise an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Savour the exquisite tea-infused mooncakes from InterContinental Singapore, explore the botanical-inspired creations of Hilton Singapore, and indulge in the award-winning delights of Ding Mooncake.

Here are the ten best places in Singapore to get your mooncakes this Mid-Autumn Festival.

1. InterContinental Singapore

Crowd favourite Negroni Lychee Chocolate Truffle Snow Skin Mooncake. Photo: InterContinental Singapore

Leading the charge is the award-winning Man Fu Yuan (满福苑), which introduces their series of four tea-infused snow skin mooncakes.

The exclusive Snow Skin Mooncakes: Blossom and Brew are an exquisite treat, meticulously molded into Man Fu Yuan’s iconic rose shape. Each mooncake marries the delicate beauty of flowers with the soothing profiles of tea, all delicately paired with a luscious chocolate truffle center. The flavours include: Honeysuckle Flower with Chrysanthemum, Violet Flower with Black Tea, Magnolia Flower with Osmanthus Honey and Rose Flower with Chamomile Tea.

Not to be missed is the limited edition InterContinental Negroni Lychee Chocolate Truffle Snow Skin Mooncake, returning this year by popular demand. Paying homage to the hotel’s signature cocktail, the InterContinental Negroni, this mooncake boasts a decadent combination of premium white lotus seed paste and Negroni truffle center, offering a luxurious harmony of depth, texture, and flavour.

For those who prefer classic baked mooncakes, InterContinental Singapore also offers an array of timeless options.

Pre-order your selection of Man Fu Yuan mooncakes online or physical at Man Fu Yuan. Use ‘Mooncake25’ to enjoy 25% early bird savings on selected items by 27 August 2023.

InterContinental Singapore

Collection date: 7 Aug-29 Sep 2023

2. Pan Pacific Singapore

Pan Pacific Singapore Mooncake Premium Set and Bag. Photo: Pan Pacific Singapore

At the heart of Hai Tien Lo’s mooncake collection lies the exquisite No. 1 Tea Baked Mooncake. With an artful fusion of Eastern tea heritage and Western pastry craftsmanship, this masterpiece boasts a robust blend of tea and herbal ingredients that delivers an indulgent experience like no other. 

Alternatively, Hai Tien Lo’s snow skin collection presents four new tantalising tea-infused creations, in addition to their bestselling Mao Shan Wang Durian Snow Skin Mooncake. The flavours include: Strawberry Paste Hai Tien Lo No.1 Tea Ganache, Yam Paste White Rabbit Candy Ganache, Orange Paste Matcha Ganache, and Gula Melaka Paste with Desiccated Coconut Ganache.

Whether you’re celebrating with loved ones or looking for the perfect gift for esteemed business associates, Hai Tien Lo’s tea-infused mooncakes, encased in elegant red or gold boxes adorned with their signature cloud-like motif, are the epitome of luxury and sophistication.

Hai Tien Lo’s mooncakes are available for purchase online.

Pan Pacific Singapore

Collection period: 18 Aug-29 Sep 2023

3. ONE°15 Marina

Dual Treasures Snow Skin & Classic Mooncakes Set. Photo: ONE°15 Marina

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with a golden touch at WOK°15 Kitchen, the award-winning Cantonese restaurant at ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove Singapore. WOK°15 Kitchen tantalises mooncake enthusiasts with a blend of classic and innovative flavors, offering a delightful array of choices to savor.

Featuring three unique mooncake sets, there’s something for every palate. Indulge in the Dual Treasures Snow Skin & Classic Mooncakes Set, where Superior Bird’s Nest with Golden Custard Paste and Orangeat Snow Skin meets the timeless Classic Baked Mooncakes. For those seeking a contemporary twist, the Exquisite Snow Skin Mooncakes Set offers the delightful combination of Organic Japanese Genmaicha Mooncakes with Pecan Nuts and the luscious Strawberry Mascarpone. Last but not least, elevate your indulgence with the Premium Mao Shan Wang mooncake, capturing the essence of this beloved fruit.

ONE°15 Marina

Collection period: 15 Aug-29 Sep 2023

4. Shangri-La

Shangri-La Mooncake Selection Gift Box. Photo: Shangri-La

Elevate your Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations with Shangri-La Singapore’s diverse range of mooncake sets that capture the essence of tradition and innovation.

Indulge in the limited-edition Shang Palace Mung Bean Spirulina Bird’s Nest Charcoal Mooncakes, and savor the unique Plant-based Shanghai Mooncakes. For liquor-infused delights, don’t miss the Origin Bar Snowskin Mooncakes, complete with a bottle of Negroni Cocktail. A returning favourite is the Shangri-La Mooncake Selection Gift Box, offering three luxurious flavors crafted with Xinhui 50-year aged mandarin peel and velvety red bean paste, showcased in regal purple box. Meanwhile, with the Kid’s Mooncakes Brick Set, children can not only enjoy the decadent chocolate chip mooncakes, but also unleash their creativity with the lego pieces on the box.

Shangri-La’s collection brings together tradition and creativity, making this Mid-Autumn Festival truly unforgettable.


Collection period: Now-29 Sep 2023

5. PS.Cafe

Mid-Autumn Festival Set (Red Lantern). Photo: PS.Cafe

Experience the essence of tradition and innovation with PS.Cafe’s debut mooncake collection. Crafted with love and the finest ingredients, each mooncake celebrates the brand’s signature flavours, such as their renowned Sticky Date Pudding.

Encased in glossy and golden Cantonese-style dough, these exquisite mooncakes are presented in limited edition Lantern Red and PS. Midnight boxes, each set containing four delightful mooncakes. The mooncakes feature intricate motifs that pay homage to the brand’s heritage. Next, beneath that light and flaky skin lies a dense and delicious filling, making each bite an unforgettable experience. From the velvety White Truffle Mooncake infused with PS.Cafe’s Truffle Oil to the sweet harmony of Sticky Date Mooncake, the collection also offers the nutritious blend of Superfood Mooncake and the fragrant Verandah Mooncake.

As a special collaboration with Deliveroo, the Mid-Autumn Festival Set, comprising the four flavours above, will come with a complimentary Deliveroo plating board. There are only 30 limited edition sets, available from 21 August to 3 September till stocks last.

If you order online, the delivery and in-store pick-up date starts from 28 August. However, retail at selected outlets have already begun since 1 August. Check out their website for the full list of retail locations.


Collection period: 28 Aug-26 Sep

6. The Marmalade Pantry

Marmalade Mix Gift Set. Photo: The Marmalade Pantry

If you’re seeking a healthier indulgence without compromising on flavours, The Marmalade Pantry is the go-to destination.

This Mid-Autumn Festival, delight in a delectable selection of baked mooncakes that boast low sugar and no lard, ensuring a guilt-free treat for your celebrations.

Breaking away from tradition, The Marmalade Pantry introduces a captivating array of new flavours that are set to elevate your mooncake experience. Indulge in the alluring combination of Assam Tea with Hokkaido Milk and Raisin, a delightful fusion of fragrant tea and creamy milk with a burst of sweetness from raisins. Alternatively, savor the delightful Taro Coconut with Red Bean, offering a velvety taro filling complemented by the richness of red bean. Alongside the Red Lotus with Pecan and Black Sesame, and the classic White Lotus with Double Yolk, these four flavours are part of the Marmalade Mix Gift Set ($88). This thoughtfully curated set is packaged in a limited edition jewellery case, lined with elegant grey velvet, exuding luxury and sophistication. 

The Marmalade Pantry’s mooncakes are available for order online. For Mastercard members only, enjoy 20% off when you pre-order online by 27 August 2023 with the code ‘MCG20’.

Collection period: 28 Aug-29 Sep 2023

7. Hilton Singapore Orchard

Photo: Hilton Singapore Orchard

This Mid-Autumn Festival, Hilton Singapore invites you to embark on a whimsical journey through a virtual garden that springs to life, revealing a mesmersing display of animated flowers in full bloom. By simply using their mobile devices to scan and hover over the mooncake box, you will be enchanted by this captivating spectacle.

A tribute to Orchard Road’s early beginnings as a home to fruit orchards and spice gardens, this botanical-inspired design reflects Hilton Singapore Orchard’s rich heritage. Each mooncake box is fashioned into a stylish two-tiered emerald green treasure drawer, and adorned with botanical motifs.

The flavours feature perennial favourites and contemporary delights. For those who savour tradition, the Plain White Lotus and the White Lotus with Single or Double Yolks are perfect for those seeking an all-time favourite. Meanwhile, contemporary twists are available through their Matcha Black Sesame and Gula Melaka with Azuki. Each flavour is sold separately, but you can get an assortment of all four flavours in the Traditional Baked Collection.

Hilton Singapore Orchard’s mooncakes are available for order online.

Hilton Singapore Orchard

Collection period: 28 Aug-29 Sep 2023

8. Roku Gin x Conrad Singapore

Luxury Box. Photo: Conrad Singapore

Celebrate this Mid Autumn Festival with a modern twist, courtesy of Roku Gin and Manhattan Bar. This dynamic collaboration presents an exclusive Luxury Box inspired by Roku Gin’s signature hexagonal bottle, embodying a fusion of Eastern and Western influences.

Limited to just 200 sets, this opulent box showcases eight handcrafted mini snowskin mooncakes, a masterpiece by Summer Palace’s master chefs. Each mooncake features a gold-dusted charcoal skin and a delightful surprise within — a chocolate ball infused with Roku Gin, known for its rounded balance of six Japanese botanicals, set in a decadent lotus paste with a spirited cherry core.

Complementing the mooncakes is the addition of the Purple Moon bottled cocktail, a spirited blend of Roku Gin, banana wine, sweet potato, whey syrup, and hazelnut tincture from Manhattan Bar. The package also includes two Roku Gin sake cups, adding a touch of refinement to the mooncake experience.

Conrad Singapore

Collection period: Now-29 Sep 2023

9. The Peninsula

Photo: The Peninsula

Experience a seamless blend of heritage and innovation this Mid-Autumn Festival at The Peninsula. For over three decades, The Peninsula has been delighting Singapore with its iconic egg custard mooncakes, becoming a sought-after delicacy.

This year, they introduce fresh interpretations with the addition of two new mooncake flavours: Mini Chocolate Egg Custard Mooncakes and Mini Fruity Egg Custard Mooncakes. Fret not, the bestselling Mini Egg Custard Mooncakes, is still available as their signature offering. Crafted from a recipe dating back to 1986, these mooncakes feature premium-grade duck eggs and butter, highlighted by the prized savoury essence of salted duck egg yolks.

Meanwhile, in a dedication to tea enthusiasts, the exquisite Mini Tea Flavoured Egg Custard Mooncakes are a unique fusion of The Peninsula’s iconic egg custard and signature teas. The collection showcases Lychee Black Tea and Peninsula Breakfast Tea-infused mooncakes, harmonising fruity and robust notes.

The Peninsula mooncakes are available for sale online, and will be available for purchase in-store from 24 August to 29 September at Takashimaya, and Tangs at Vivo City from 31 August to 29 September.

The Peninsula

Collection period: 11 Aug-29 Sep 2023

10. Ding Mooncake

Photo: Ding Mooncake

With a legacy of accolades and acclaim, Ding Mooncake takes center stage this year, presenting an assortment of new flavours and beloved classics.

Indulge in the time-honored flavors of the Signature White Lotus Double Yolk Mooncake and the Traditional Pandan Double Yolk Mooncake, each sold in an elegant box of four. Alternatively, for the adventurous palate, the Assortment of Premium Baked Mooncakes beckons with its eight unique flavours, promising to satisfy even the most discerning epicurean: Yuzu, French Earl Grey Lavender, Gula Melaka, Treviso Tiramisu Snow Skin Mooncakes, and more.

Enjoy up to 40% early bird discount, which is automatically applied when you order online, until the end of August 2023.

Ding Mooncake

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