Tingkat delivery services? We’re here to tell you which ones in Singapore actually taste good

For busy Singaporeans who crave the taste of home-cooked meals, tingkat delivery services are a saviour. But what is tingkat delivery? For the younger generation who might not be familiar with this relic, tingkats are traditional multi-tiered food containers commonly used in the past for meal deliveries. While plastic boxes have taken over, tingkat deliveries are still a significant part of the local culinary culture, and are not obsolete yet, with more option that ever before, including halal tingkats and even vegetarian ones.

Best tingkat delivery services in Singapore

1. FoodLine.sg — Tingkat food delivery platform with over 180 menus, including halal and vegetarian tingkat
2. Savoury Catering — emphasising on nutrition with less salt, less oil and no MSG
3. Neo Garden — less salt, less oil and no MSG, with international flavours infused into their tingkat meals
4. Tingkat PeraMakan — Peranakan tingkat delivery
5. Tian Wei Signature — tingkat catering for postpartum recovery

1. FoodLine.sg

FoodLine.sg is a large food delivery platform in Singapore that offers Tingkat delivery services, including halal tingkat delivery
Photo: FoodLine.sg

Foodline.sg stands out as the best tingkat food delivery platform in Singapore, offering an impressive selection of over 180 tingkat menus to cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

With prices starting as low as $4.9 per day per person, it provides affordable and wholesome meals for everyone. Moreover, FoodLine.sg ensures inclusivity by offering halal tingkat delivery, making it a suitable choice for all. Of course, with that many options, you can also easily find tingkat delivery services that prepares food for one person only.

The flexibility extends to trial packages, allowing customers to sample menus before committing. To sweeten the deal, the Tingkat Savings Plan at $4.9 per month offers tremendous value. Subscribers will also receive 5 x $8 tingkat vouchers, enabling you to save up to $40 on your orders!


2. Savoury Catering

Savoury Catering's healthy tingkat delivery services with less oil, less salt and no MSG
Photo: Savoury Catering

Savoury Catering Tingkat offers an affordable, convenient, and reliable gourmet tingkat delivery service in Singapore — perfect for families, working professionals and seniors alike.

With more than 200 recipes providing fresh meals daily, their dishes are prepared using less oil, less salt, 100% vegetable oil and no added MSG. Emphasising nutrition as the foundation of good health, they offer both normal and healthy meal options in Lunch & Dinner Packages for 10 or 20 days. From their humble beginnings in Tiong Bahru back in 2014 to now serving delighted customers in over 150 locations in Singapore daily, their hard work and dedication have earned them immense support.

Savoury Catering aims to provide nutritious meals that harmonise with busy lifestyles, ensuring a better quality of life and optimal health for you and your loved ones.

Savoury Catering

3. Neo Garden

Tingkat delivery by Neo Garden, one of Singapore's best caterer
Photo: Neo Garden

Neo Garden Tingkat prioritises your health by crafting tingkat meals with less salt, less oil and absolutely no added MSG.

With a vast repository of hundreds of recipes, you can bid farewell to monotonous meals, as Neo Garden Tingkat ensures variety in every tingkat delivery. Experience the convenience of having freshly made lunch and dinner brought right to your doorstep daily. But the excitement doesn’t end there.

Neo Garden Tingkat infuses international cuisines like Korean, Japanese, and Thai into their tingkat meals, complete with a tantalising combo meal of 3 dishes + 1 carb. All soups are double-boiled for at least six hours to maximise flavour and nourishment.

With over 30 years of experience as Singapore’s No. 1 caterer, Neo Garden Tingkat guarantees nothing short of excellence for their tingkat deliveries. What’s more — their flexible tingkat subscription options of 3-day, 4-day, and 5-day (per week) plans allow you to choose your preferred meal schedule.

Neo Garden

4. Tingkat PeraMakan

Peranakan tingkat delivery services in Singapore by Tingkat PeraMakan
Photo: Tingkat PeraMakan

Tingkat PeraMakan excels in delivering authentic, no-frills Peranakan food, reminiscent of the cherished tradition of using tingkats to transport home-cooked meals to loved ones.

They bring the heartwarming essence of familial meals to customers, offering dine-ins as well as convenient takeaways and tingkat deliveries. With a focus on restaurant-quality Peranakan dishes at reasonable prices, their tingkat menu features favorites like ayam buah keluak, dry mee siam, ayam goreng, bibik’s chap chye, and delightful durian pengat desserts.

It’s perfect if you’re looking for tingkat delivery services for one pax only as they do not provide food subscription packages. This means that you can also have the flexibility to opt for vegetarian tingkat meals.

Tingkat PeraMakan

5. Tian Wei Signature

Tian Wei Signature postpartum recovery tingkat delivery services in Singapore with TCM nutritions
Photo: Tian Wei

Experience the best of both worlds at Tian Wei Signature, where fusion dishes and traditional confinement food come together in a customisable and nutritious tingkat menu.

With the guidance of dietitians and Ma Kuang TCM, their herbal soups promote postpartum recovery. You have the freedom to opt-out of certain ingredients, and the dietician-reviewed menu caters to your postpartum nutritional needs. Furthermore, exciting fusion Japanese, Mediterranean, and Taiwanese meals are introduced from the second week onwards, blending traditional confinement ingredients with refreshing additions like salmon and cherry tomatoes.

Join over 50,000 happy customers who have savoured the nourishing delights of Tian Wei Signature’s exceptional confinement tingkat delivery services.

Tian Wei Signature

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