For years, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has been a household name when it comes to fried chicken. However, a new contender has emerged, captivating the taste buds of food enthusiasts all over the world — Korean Fried Chicken.

Of which, BHC Chicken has become a popular fried chicken chain, not just among locals in South Korea, but also among tourists visiting the country. Its unique flavour and crispy texture have attracted the taste buds of many tourists, making it a must-try dish while you’re in South Korea.

At long last, BHC Chicken, South Korea’s largest fried chicken chain, is set to open in Singapore on 26 April. But does it taste as good as Korea’s?

Is it worth the hype?

The menu at BHC Chicken in Singapore features a condensed version of the signature offerings that make it South Korea’s leading fried chicken chain.

Bburinkle Chicken, a crowd favourite, is crispy fried chicken coated with cheese and vegetable-flavoured seasoning. It also comes with a Bburing Bburing dip. Meanwhile, Hot Bburinkle, the spicy alternative, brings a fiery punch to the signature crunch.

The Bburinkle Chicken is available as Whole ($31.9), Wings ($23.9), and Boneless ($27.9), while the Hot Bburinkle only offers Whole ($31.9).

While that was unique, and not a fried chicken seasoning that other fast food chains in Singapore offers, my heart lies with The Retro. The Retro is a classic favourite of chicken fried the traditional way with sunflower oil, perfect for lovers of the original taste of fried chicken. Spice things up with the Hot Retro for the perfect combination of crunch and spice.

Both options are available in Whole ($29.9), Wings ($21.9), and Boneless ($25.9).

If you’re thinking of the saucy kind, the Macho King is a hot favourite. Crispy fried chicken is coated in a satisfying combination of flavourful aged soy sauce and honey. For those who dare, the Red King brings on the heat with spicy chicken generously coated with hot chilli peppers and garlic on top.

Both options are available in Whole ($31.9), Wings ($23.9), and Boneless ($21.9).

The perfect side dishes

While fried chicken should be the stars of the show, may I kindly redirect your attention to their side dishes?

You have to get the Cheese Balls ($5.9) — perfectly stretchy, with a nice balance of sweet and savoury. This was hands down the best cheese dish I have had in a long while. You could also get the Bburing Cheese Sticks ($6.9) if you want a completely savoury side dish, but the cheese balls had a better cheese pull.

BHC Chicken is also a great place to satisfy other Korean food cravings. Aside from fried chicken, they also have Korean classics, such as Kimchi Fried Rice ($9.9) and Rabokki ($12.9), both affordably priced and makes for a good lunch option in the area.

Don’t forget to check out these exclusive grand opening promotions! From 26 April to 7 May, enjoy cheese balls (Original/Bburing) with any purchase of an item on the chicken menu, limited to two redemptions per bill, and while stocks last. Meanwhile, from 28 April to 1 May, diners can play Spin The Wheel to win prizes, including exclusive BHC merchandise, free sides with their next purchase, and BHC vouchers for their next visit. This promotion is limited to one spin per dine-in receipt, and while stocks last.

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BHC Chicken

Location: 6 Raffles Blvd, #02-332A/332F Marina Square, Singapore 039594
Opening hours: 11am-10pm

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