Off-the-shelf birthday cakes, or fancy custom-made cakes for preorders, there’s always a perfect one out there to celebrate this happy occasion. But if standard cakes are too mainstream for you, consider these 10 unique customised treats such as giant macarons, cupcakes and the most unorthodox chicken rice cake to surprise your loved ones and friends on their birthdays! Here are 10 birthday cake alternatives that you can get in Singapore.

1. Giant Macarons |


Resembling the shape of birthday cakes, the Giant Macarons Cakes (S$45) from are perfect for a mini celebration with macaron lovers. Baking macarons is no easy feat, let alone the impressive gigantic version of this French delicacy. Choose between their Chocolate Strawberry– which features a balance between the tangy bites of fresh strawberries and the richness of chocolate ganache- and their Mango Peach– a popular choice among seniors and adults that is lighter on the palate. Swoon over the lovely ‘feet’ as you savour the sweet and delectable filling sandwiched between two light and chewy crusts. But, distributing into party slices might just be a lil’ tricky!

2. Chocolate Bouquet | Rainbowly

Source. Rainbowly

Not every girl loves to receive fresh flowers. But, a bouquet of Chocolate Strawberries will win over the hearts of those who favour food over florals. Send your loved ones these unforgettable delights with a gorgeous presentation of fresh fruits and artisanal gourmet chocolates. Their most affordable design- an alternate between uncoated strawberries and dark chocolate coated ones start from S$89. For less sinful options, their majestic Watermelon Cake (S$99) stands tall and impressive with fruit arrangements cascading on the multiple tiers. And yes, the entire cake is made up of solely fruits so it’s all-vegan.

3. Bento Cakes |

Source: Eggyi.Co

Inspired by Korean minimalistic cakes, bento cakes are becoming more popular as birthday cake alternative due to their affordability and quirkiness. Your other half might even think that you’re just ‘tabao-ing‘ (taking away) food for him/her. But hey! There’s actually a cake in there. Surprise! has a wide range of Bento Cake designs that start from S$20 ranging from different shapes like round, heart or completely taking up the full space of a ‘bento box’. You can also customise it with thoughtful texts and cartoon characters like Winnie The Pooh and Totoro!

4. Cupcake Bouquet | Creme Maison

Source: Creme Maison

Can’t decide between cupcakes or flowers? Get the best of both worlds combined into one perfect gift, with vibrant colours that are pleasing to the eyes and indulgent flavours which are satisfying in taste. Creme Maison offers a few different bouquet designs for your selection, and each signature Floral Cupcake Bouquet (S$128) holds 7 cupcakes together in flavours such as Earl Grey Lavender, Red Velvet & Belgium Chocolate Fudge. 

5. Customised Swiss Rolls | Therapeutic_Bake

Source: @therapeutic_bake/Instagram

Swiss rolls remind me of old school comfort food from neighbourhood bakeries. But they have recently transformed into something greater, and cuter! Pick from your favourite theme or cartoon-like Minions, Pokemon or Among us with a personalised message on the swiss roll. The intricate designs are fully hand-drawn and they look just like the real deal! Therapeutic Bake’s Swiss Rolls start from S$24 and come in various flavours such as Nutella, Earl Grey Tea and MSW Durian!

6. Customised Cookies | Custom Bites

Source: Custom Bites

Custom Bites offer customised sugar cookies for your special occasion. Either get them decorated with fresh royal icing or marshmallow fondant that is hand-stamped with a personalised name or message. Pick from a range of beautifully crafted designs like floral, snowflake or heart. For recipients who have an artistic flair, consider getting them the DIY Cookie Decorating Kits with no extra hassle to prepare any ingredients. Just snip off the piping bags and start decorating away!

7. Nutella Blossoms | Little Sweet Tooth Bakes

Source: Little Sweet Tooth Bakes

In case you didn’t know of this sweet treat, Nutella Blossoms are mini steamed cupcakes filled with Nutella or other fillings, and can be custom made to different themes and cartoon based on your preferences. This mess-free and bite-sized delight is favoured among many parents due to its convenience for school birthday celebrations. Starting from a very affordable price point at just $1 per piece for customised designs, you don’t have to break your wallet at all!

8. Jelly Cakes | Cake Artelier

Source: Cake Artelier

These edible works of art from Cake Artelier are not only stunning and impressive to look at, but low in calories too! Pick from their range of handcrafted Agar Agar cakes with various customised themes like Tsum Tsum, Bubble tea and Longevity themes. For more intricate and unique designs, 3d florals like water lilies, roses, peonies and gerbera daisies are freehand piped into the jelly cake which looks super realistic.

9. Alphabet/ Numeric Cakes | Hatter Street

Source: Hatter Street

Alphabet/ Letter cakes are instagrammable and a unique twist to traditional cakes. These petite and gorgeous designs can be customised with different fruits and toppings from fruits, macarons, to cream flowers and meringues. Enjoy their fluffy sponge layers with layers of cream, topped with delicious and pretty decorations. The possibilities are endless with a touch of creativity and fun!

10. Chicken Rice Cake | Uncle Louis Famous Chicken Rice

Source: Today Online

This is proof that you’ll never run out of cake ideas because anything can be transformed into food wonders. Buying a plate of chicken rice to celebrate your friend’s birthday might seem like a cheapo, but not the case if you’re getting the Chicken Rice Cake (from S$48) made by Hilton Chef-Turned-Hawker, which instantly elevates the quirkiness and fun! Perfect for those who have carnivorous diets or have an extremely low tolerance for sweets!


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