With sustainable food trends on the rise and with people looking for healthier lifestyles, plant-based movements have taken off in the recent years. In the past few months, Singapore has witnessed the launch of avant-garde plant-based menus such as the Impossible™ Pizza and northern-Chinese specialities with meat substitutes.

If you have been looking for an opportunity to try out tasty meatless food and happen to be a sucker for Korean cuisine, you have to try out Bonchon’s latest Korean plant-based menu.

This new menu is created in collaboration with OmniFoods, a food tech company that aims to empower individuals, communities, and corporations towards sustainable, healthy, and mindful living.

Four plant-based Korean dishes

While the DIY Korean Rice Ball with OmniMeat Tuna ($12.9) looks unassuming and plain on the outside, it is an interactive dish where you get a perfect excuse to play with your food (literally). Mix in the OmniMeat Tuna and condiments into the bowl of rice and knead into ball shapes before consuming.

The radish and kimchi are side dishes but you can be creative and add them into your rice ball too. It was a relatively comforting and delicious simple meal.

This DIY kit is perfect for kids, and even adults if you are up for some hands down experience at the restaurant. Disposable gloves are provided so that you do not have to dirty your hands.

You can’t miss the signature Dak Bulgogi when enjoying Korean food.

The OmniMeat Dak Bulgogi ($15.9) is a plant-based version of this classic marinated meat dish, which is sweet and savoury with a tinge of spice. The chicken was tender too. We experimented this with the DIY rice ball and it turned out delicious.

The OmniMeat Crab Sliders ($12) was one of my favourite dishes — crispy plant-based crab meat patty sandwiched between a sliced mantou bun, and served with fries on the side. The texture reminded me of crab nuggets and I almost couldn’t tell that it was meatless. The crisp of the bun was fried to perfection too.

Here’s a different and healthier take on the fish and chips. The OmniMeat Golden Chips ($12.9) is a plant-based fillet marinated with soy garlic sauce, which reminded me of Four Fingers’ Soy Chicken Wings.

It really had the texture of a fish fillet, but could do better with its flavour intensity as it was a tad salty.

This exclusive menu is available from now till 18 December 2022 at Bonchon’s Wisma Atria branch.

Location: Bonchon Wisma Atria 435 Orchard Road, #01-37/38, Wisma Atria, 238877

*This article is written in partnership with Bonchon, but all opinions are of my own

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