Bread Yard took the internet by storm right after Phase 2 ended. I’ve always wondered about the bewitching charm this cafe had. And after 3 months of seeing an endless amount of Bread Yard related posts on Instagram, I caved.

Affordable Brunch Items

My first impression of the cafe was how affordable the items were, especially with Burpple Beyond’s 1-for-1 deal.

They really said eggs Benedict but make it Mexican. The Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict (S$14) had such robust flavors. It was like fireworks on my tongue with bursts of richness from the marinade and spiciness from the peri-peri sauce. The tang and freshness of the corn tomato salsa definitely helped to curb some of the heavy spices but even without it, I don’t think that the flavors were overwhelming. The eggs were slightly overcooked though.

For the Banana Foster French Toast (S$16), the toppings were definitely appealing- bananas, candied bacon, vanilla ice cream, and their signature rum and maple concoction. While delightful, the sheer amount of the syrup (it’s on the bread, thus not very visible in the photo) just made me feel like I was drowning in it.

Thank god for the raspberry jam and vanilla ice cream which cut through the cloyingness slightly. I would still order this, but definitely with either less syrup or on the side.

Decent Drinks

Bread Yard’s drinks are not one of their strong points. It’s not that they were bad. It’s just not the factor that makes you want to revisit because there are just better coffees and non-caffeinated lattes out there.

Breadyard adds syrup (or possibly condensed milk) to their Matcha Latte (S$5.5) which gives it a fuller mouthfeel and sweeter taste. However, I would’ve preferred a more intense nutty flavor from the matcha powder.

Meanwhile, their Salted Caramel Latte (S$6) resembled Starbuck’s.


I can see why it received so much attention but I do think that it’s overhyped. The food is slightly cheaper here, especially for those with Burpple Beyond and pretty decent. No doubt, Bread Yard would be my go-to cafe if I work or stay around the area. But it’s not one of those cafes worth traveling from one end to another for.

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Location: 1 Fusionopolis Pl, 01-23/24 Galaxis, Singapore 138522
Tel: +65 9773 5318
Opening hours: 8am- 6pm (mon-sat)


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