Brown Sugar Milk with Pearls… now available in ice-cream form.

If you remember the crazy in 2020, Brown Sugar Milk Tea was a whole craze. In addition to the bubble stores in Singapore hopping on the bandwagon, we’ve also got local brands importing Xiao Mei’s Brown Sugar Milk Ice-cream to satisfy our insatiable cravings.

After four years, this ice cream is still available in Singapore. You can buy it from selected FairPrice outlets at $13.5 for a box of four pieces, or from local ice-cream importer Happy Ice for $10.9 for the same box.

Happy Ice offers delivery.

Brown Sugar Milk Ice-Cream w Pearls review

Brown Sugar Milk Tea w Pearl Ice Cream review from Happy Ice
Photo: Happy Ice

There’s nothing much to review to be honest. This tasted just like any other brown sugar milk tea drink. It was rich, sweet and creamy. But, having it in ice-cream form actually makes it less cloying, and more refreshing on a hot day.

If you buy it from Happy Ice, it amounts to about $2.5 per stick, which is honestly quite an affordable price especially since ice cream can be so expensive nowadays.

So what’s our review of Xiao Mei’s Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Ice-Cream? Definitely worth a try!

Happy Ice

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