Bulgogi Syo — a Korean restaurant in Bugis, and not a Singaporean exclaiming his excitement for marinated meat, i.e Bulgogi siol.

If you are constantly on the hunt for exciting dining experiences, head down Bulgogi Syo.

Created by the masterminds behind Seorae, a popular KBBQ chain, Bulgogi Syo introduces a fresh dining concept that promises to take your culinary adventures to new heights with its fiery 3-step cooking process.

Our honest review of Bulgogi Syo

As we stepped into the Bulgogi Syo at Bugis Junction, our senses were greeted by the aroma of sizzling meat that wafted through the air. We were also shocked by the sudden bursts of huge flames from the open kitchen and around the table seats, as diners witness mesmerising flambé performances tableside.

Sear, torch, flambé

The second step of Bulgogi Syo’s cooking process — torch!

Bulgogi Syo’s unique dining concept is centred around their 3-step cooking process: sear on the grill, torch with a flamethrower-like kitchen equipment, and flambeed tableside.

The 3-step process added a strong, smoky and aromatic flavour to the meat. However, a slight downside is that the beef can only be cooked well-done. Despite that, the meat still retained an acceptable level of tenderness, though it would’ve likely been more succulent if the timing was grasped properly.

However, if you’re not that particular about the quality, and more interested in the theatrics, opt for the Syo Specials on the menu. Three choices are available — Angus Beef Tenderloin ($35.5), Pork Baby Back Ribs ($26.9) and Duroc Pork Belly ($20.9).

Food we tried at Bulgogi Syo

Out of the three dishes we mentioned, we highly recommend the Pork Baby Back Ribs.

It was generously coated in a thick and fragrant house-made gochujang sauce. But more importantly, the tenderness of the ribs was truly remarkable, to the extent that it effortlessly yields to the gentlest touch of a fork without the need of a knife.

Pork Baby Back Ribs at Bulgogi Syo, served with fried egg and kimchi
Pork Baby Back Ribs

Korean comfort food at Bulgogi Syo

While the Syo Specials are their signature dishes, you can’t miss out on their Korean mains.

Of which, we recommend the Cheesy Gyeran Jjim ($10.9), a simple yet decadent dish with a comforting burst of cheesy goodness. With each bite, your palate is rewarded with a harmonious blend of the silky smooth egg and the irresistible gooey melted cheese.

Cheesy Gyeran Jjim
Cheesy Gyeran Jjim

Meanwhile, the Kimchi Ramyeon ($18.9) was such a comforting bowl of deliciousness. The combination of the rich, savoury broth and the tangy kick of the kimchi makes it an irresistible meal for any occasion. You can also order it in pork version.

Bacon Kongnamul Pancake ($15.9) combined the irresistible elements of crispy bacon and fluffy pancake batter, which is a delightful addition to our Korean meal.

Bacon Kongnamul Pancake at Bulgogi Syo
Bacon Kongnamul Pancake

To complete your meal and satisfy your thirst, be sure to indulge in a refreshing tower drink.

Bulgogi Syo is located at Bugis Junction and Woodleigh Mall.

Our verdict

So what’s our review of Bulgogi Syo?

The ribs were amazing. But the beef could’ve definitely been cooked to a medium rare or medium for a more succulent bite. Granted it might be hard to control the timing with the 3-step cooking process though.

Bulgogi Syo

Bugis Junction:
200 Victoria Street, Unit, #02-49, Singapore 188021

Woodleigh Mall
11 Bidadari Park Drive, Mall, #01-33/34, Singapore 367803

Opening hours: 11am-10pm

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