As much as I’m grateful for the peaceful elements in Singapore, I’ve always been kinda disappointed that Autumn never comes. The cool breeze that caresses your cheeks, the crunch of decay beneath your feet and the canopy of greens fading into the rich hue of carnivals and children’s storybooks. Well, at least we can just head down to Tanjong Pagar where Cafe Kreams is, decorated in a canopy of maple and auburn.

Locally roasted coffee beans

The Long Black (S$6.5) is acidic and recommended with the Special Blend for its fruity undertones, utilizing beans from Kenya and Colombia.

Meanwhile, we got the Iced Latte (S$7.5) with the House Blend, a mixture of Guatemala Antigua, Brazil Cerrado & Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. The dark roast with its emphatic chocolate punch and nutty finish is sure to pump adrenaline through your veins.

Their in-house coffee beans are for sale at S$20 and S$18 per 200g respectively.

What surprised me the most was its Dalgona Latte (S$9), which wasn’t your Circuit Breaker whipped coffee. You’d have to be insane to pay S$9 for whipped instant coffee at a cafe. Instead, dalgona is a traditional Korean candy that is similar to honeycomb toffee. It added just a touch of sweetness for a pleasant mix of astringency and sugar. I thought this was going to be saccharine and artificial like certain types of caramel lattes, but I stand corrected.

It’s one of my favorites cup of coffee in Tanjong Pagar.

Scones and cakes

Cafe Kreams has quite a selection of scones and cakes. For scones, there was Chocolate, Matcha and Yuzu. We went for the Dalgona Scone (S$4) to go with our Dalgona Latte.

We were greeted with a loud thud as I tried to split the scone in half. But the honeycomb layer wasn’t the only thing that resembled a rock. In fact, the whole scone was pretty hard and unfortunately dry. While I had fun knocking it against the plate to mock its texture, it was a rather miserable culinary experience.

I did hear that their other scones fared better though.


Yes for the coffee, maybe for the scones and cakes. I mean I’ve only had ONE scone and everything else on the shelf looked way too promising for me to not come back for a second try. Oh and of course, yes, yes and yes to the beautiful foliage.

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Location: 32 Maxwell Rd, #01-07 Maxwell Chambers, Singapore 069115
Tel: +656226 2369
Opening hours: 9am- 10:30pm (Mon- Sat); 9am- 6pm (Sun)


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