Holding Champion Bolo Bun with Butter

Located along Tanjong Pagar Road, Champion Bolo is a two-storey bolo bun cafe that took Singapore’s cafe scene by storm when they opened last year.

Bolo bun, also known as pineapple bun, is a popular sweet bun that originated from Hong Kong. There are no pineapples in the recipe. Instead, it gets its name from the the cookie crust atop the bun that resembles a pineapple.

Champion Bolo states that they bake their bolo buns freshly on-site every 15 minutes. The prices start from $4.5 for their Classic.

It was light and airy, resembling a Japanese milk loaf. The cookie crust was crunchy as well.

But it’s not a bolo bun without a thick slice of butter, is it?

The Classic with Butter ($5) includes the option for an extra slice of butter for a top-up of $0.5. Unless you’re looking for a healthier option, we recommend adding that extra slice. The butter melted into the bun quickly, so there wasn’t that indulgent, sinful bite.

Champion Bolo also offers 4 Mini Classics ($4.5) for sharing.

Authentic Hong Kong bolo bun?

Champion Bolo has never marketed themselves as an authentic Hong Kong bakery. But I thought it would appropriate to compare their version with traditional ones I’ve had.

For starters, the texture of the bread is different. Traditional bolo buns have a brioche-like texture whereas Champion’s was airier. The cookie crust at champion could’ve also been airier, though I’d take an excessively-crunchy bolo bun over a soggy one any day.

The menu includes Hong Kong-style coffee and milk tea; both cost $5.5.

Champion’s Milk Tea ($5.5) was earthy and lightly sweetened. It’s pretty close to authentic Hong Kong milk teas, but the tea could’ve been slightly more intense.


Two-storey bolo bun cafe at Tanjong Pagar with minimalistic design

Traditional? Not quite. But one thing’s for sure it’s a pretty good bun. Factoring in the ambience, it’s fair to say the $4.5 for a bolo bun, albeit more expensive than its typical market price, is reasonable. 

Location: 92 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088513
Opening hours:
Monday: Closed
Tue- Sun: 11am- 7pm


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