Soy Milk Tea with Soy Foam and White Jade Balls (S$5.90) at Chinese Tofu Magician. Source: Chinese Tofu Magician

The ‘bubble tea’ market in Singapore has become so saturated and the moment you think nothing else can surprise you, something new pops up. Quotation marks hang beside ‘bubble tea’ because the scene has evolved past black tea with tapioca pearls.

You can probably name a couple of novel drink stalls in Singapore; personally, I was really impressed by Muyoo when they first set up shop in Singapore 3 years ago. But Chinese Tofu Magician takes innovation to the next level. Instagrammable, creative soy milk drinks that hail from Hunan, China, it has finally made its mark in Singapore at Paya Lebar Square’s basement.

Despite its pure focus on soybean products, Chinese Tofu Magician has a sheer number of 35 products on its menu.

Source: Chinese Tofu Magician

Their signature- the Soy Milk Tea with Soy Foam and White Jade Balls (S$5.90) features a stick of mochi dusted with a nutty soybean powder.

The soymilk base is customizable in terms of temperature, which interestingly gives you two options for warm, and sugar levels, which go up to 120%

Meanwhile, the sesame variation of this features a triumvirate of sesame mochi, sesame seeds and sesame jelly at the bottom.

Alternatively, try their latest product the Mango Pomelo Sago with Soymilk Smoothie (S$4.6) for a refreshing fruitiness, mimicking the sunset with its glorious blend of mango and pomelo. 

But aside from all these contemporary ideas, Chinese Tofu Magician insists on sticking to ancient stone-grinding techniques to process their own soya milk.

Other items on the menu to consider include the Soya Milk Cone (S$1.2) and Beancurd with Golden Sugar (S$2.7).

Location: 60 Paya Lebar Road, Paya Lebar Square, #01-51, Singapore 409051
Opening hours:
11:30am- 9pm


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