Contemporary funk and funk genre of vinyl records at Choice Cuts

As the cafe scene at East Coast continues to evolve and grow, foodies can’t help but to ask, “so which cafe should we go to?”

Choice Cuts Good + Coffee is a vinyl records cafe that takes up a hipster facade from the 80s.

With a New York deli-inspired menu, Choice Cuts offers a selection of bagels and coffee. But you’ll find other sweet treats and special concoctions on display as well.

The cafe is split in half.

Vinyl records and hip-hop-inspired lifestyle products occupies the first half from the entrance while the seating area takes up the back. Maybe it’s the contrast between two areas, but we the seats looked mundane compared to the storefront.

Nonetheless, the food mattered more.

If music isn’t your passion, you’d be instantly attracted to the trays of Tiramisu ($9) on the counter. At least, that’s what caught or attention.

The perfect squares, the impeccable layers and the light glistering beneath the spotlight… We were inexplicably and perilously lured towards it like sailors to a siren. But like how the tale ends on a sinister note, we had also fallen into the trap of the alluring Italian dessert.

The heavy dusting of cocoa powder grappled our throats. But no amount of choking could distract us from the excessive amount of diluted, yet acidic, coffee in the ladyfingers. The scarcity of mascarpone only made the experience worse.

Besides bagels, there was also a small selection of hotdogs at Choice Cuts.

We ordered Bjorn’s Truffle Egg Mayo Hot Dawg ($13).

Matching the quirkiness of its name, the usual roll was replaced with a crusty baguette. For the same reason, the truffle egg- fluffy and aromatic- fits perfectly in this abomination of a hotdog.

The price was justified, considering the truffle was actually prominent and not just a title on the menu. And after all, it is a cafe.


Rather than a hipster-vinyl themed cafe, it felt like there was a strict segmentation between the two elements at Choice Cuts.

It’s not the best place for gossip over brunch or refuge from reality. If anything, the lack of decors in the seating area, alongside the disposable tableware, only reinforced its grab-and-go concept.

Bjorn’s specially concocted hot dog hit the mark, enticing me to try their bagels next. But their Tiramisu really needs to be revised.

Location: 446 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427659
Tel: +65 8112 9004
Opening hours: 9am- 6pm


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