Complaining about the constant need to wear a mask is overdue. It has been two years since the pandemic has struck and we have more or less developed a preference to certain types of mask. We have the Stylish, who owns fabric masks of every colour to match their outfits, the Conventional, with their practical, albeit unaesthetic blue surgical masks, and the Patriotic, who sticks with the government issued masks. This is what I’ve been using.

Savewo’s 3D Medical Mask is stylish, cooling to wear and most importantly, offers high protective ability like no other.

Comfortable & cooling material

Wearing a mask can be especially uncomfortable in Singapore’s hot and humid climate. Savewo 3D Masks are manufactured with their proprietary Type.Cool material, which allows proper airflow, while ensuring proper protection from airborne viruses or bacteria.

The low Delta-P rating (<2.8) of the mask also ensures high breathability and long-term comfort use.

Prevents aggravating acne

Source: Savewo

Its 3D shape also ensures that the mask doesn’t cling onto your face. Not only does this prevent discomfort, it reduces the chances of getting maskne.Maskne is formed when sweat, makeup and oil are trapped in humid environment beneath the mask, where acne-causing bacteria is formed over time.

High Protection Ability

Of course, the only thing that matters in the end is how effective they are from filtering bacteria and viruses.

Savewo has a Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of >99.9%, a Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) of >99.9% @0.1µm and a Virus Filtration Efficiency (VFE) > 99.9%. Furthermore, the mask is also somewhat waterproof, with a fluid resistance of 120mmHg.

Savewo 3D Medical Mask’s features and certifications is found on their website.

Their latest Kuro series and Ultra design have higher fluid resistance and lower breathing resistance. This means that it offers higher protection and comfort.

The Kuro series also comes in four colours: Black, Blue, Grey and Green. Meanwhile, the Ultra comes in White.

What sets Savewo apart from other masks?

Fabric masks boasts their sleek design while conventional masks underscores its protective ability. Savewo 3D Medical Mask is the best of both worlds, with a nearly impenetrable defense against bacteria and viruses, and a 3D shape which mimics ‘stylish’ designs.

Savewo 3D Medical Masks - Black, Blue, Grey, Green

Besides the Standard and Ultra masks which comes in white, Savewo offers five types of pastel from their Hana series and four types of muted dark colours from their Kuro series. In addition, they have adorable cat shaped masks.

Those who are unsure about which size to get can try their Ultra Trial Kit. It includes two pieces of Small, Medium and Large medical masks each.

*This article is written in collaboration with Ette Bright

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