Whether the COVID-19 virus can be transmitted airborne remains as one of the most critical questions of the pandemic. Regardless, there are tons of other pollutants in the air such as dust, bacteria, mold and harmful chemicals. Indubitably, it’s unavoidable outside, but you shouldn’t have to breathe in tainted air at home too.

Introducing the Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier.

Silent but deadly; the quietest air purifier

The best feature in my opinion is Cosmo’s SilentMotor-VX™ Technology which silences the purifier to as low as 20dB. Before this, I had another air purifier in my room which was always set on the lowest setting as the cacophony of the vacuum on high was affecting my concentration and sleep. It was a trade-off between efficiency and comfort. However, Cosmo Air Purifier is like a ninja; a silent worker, doing its job efficiently without causing any trouble.

Effective filtering ability

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Did you know that the air inside your house can be more polluted than the air outside? Cosmo Air Purifier is great for people with allergies, with the capability to filter 99.97% of all airborne particles. This includes but is not limited to the following: dust, virus, animal fur, pollen and spores, and dust mites.

This is great for people who are cursed with sinus or allergic rhinitis, or even if you just have a sensitive nose. I have allergic rhinitis so I can assure you how important it is to have a good air purifier in my room.

Purr-fect for pets

Its 3-in-1 High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter helps to manage any loose fur in the air and deals with harmful microprobes. And it’s also really effective for neutralizing odors caused by pets. 

It has 80m² coverage which is an average apartment size. Coupled with a 360° filtration, this allows your cute little pets to roam freely around the house without you having to worry about their fur and stench.

20-day free trial

Don’t believe me? Try it yourself! Although Cosmo is 100% sure that you’ll be satisfied with your buy, they’re confident enough to provide you 20 days free trial. If there’s anything you’re unhappy with, just contact them for a hassle-free return!

What sets them apart?

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There are other brands of air purifiers out there. So what sets Cosmo’s apart from theirs?

To start off, Cosmo’s price is significantly lower at only $399. Yet, it covers not only the basic functions of an air purifier, it stands out with its low noise level of 20dB.

It also has a very long warranty of 5 years, making it a worth-it investment to make.

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