Personality quizzes are getting their comeback this year, and Cosmos Persona personality quiz stands at the peak in 2024.

It’s strange that a million personality tests didn’t pop up right after the peak of the Taiwan Design Expo Personality Test during 2023. But as the saying goes, it’s better late than never.

We’ve witnessed the recent surge of personality tests, exemplified by the recent launch of CakeResume, delving into your working style, and Likka’s ice cream quiz, offering intriguing insights into your fashion sense and recommending relevant apparels.

As of now, a new competitor enters the scene, and prove to be a strong contender — Cosmos Persona

Cosmos or MBTI? All 16 Cosmos Persona personality quiz results

The Cosmos Persona personality test boasts a large collection of 16 results — each modeled after an element of the cosmos, such as Galaxy, Dark Matter, Nebula and even UFO.

Each cosmo includes five generic statements about their most common thoughts and habits like “I might be wrong tho” and “leaves laundry unfolded”

You’ll also see what your strengths and weaknesses are and who you’re drawn to and repulsed by.

Interestingly, each cosmo is designed after the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality types.

Cosmos Persona results according to MBTI categories


  • Nebula — INTJ
  • Meteorite — INTP
  • Rocket — ENTJ
  • Cosmic Hand — ENTP


  • UFO — INFJ
  • Dark Matter — INFP
  • Galaxy — ENFJ
  • Gravity — ENFP


  • Dark Energy — ISTJ
  • The Sun — ISFJ
  • Satellite — ESTJ
  • Light Cone — ESFJ


  • Black Hole — ISPT
  • Spacetime — ISFP
  • Supernova — ESTP
  • Comet — ESFP

How to take the personality test?

Taking the Cosmos Personality test is really easy.

Whether you’re just looking for something to do alone, or if you genuinely want to probe deeper into your personality type this is the perfect opportunity to take the quiz to find out what cosmo you are.

1. Simply enter their website and click start to reveal 12 simple questions, each with two choices.

2. The quiz begins with the narrative of you going home after a long day, and encountering aliens on the way home. They will ask you questions about how you will react when you first see an alien, and how you will react through various obstacles.

3. After 12 simple questions, you get your quiz results.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How accurate is Cosmos Persona as a personality quiz?

There is no empirical proof to support Cosmos Persona test results. Based on preliminary research, the quiz is also not backed up by any psychological research papers. However, according to friends and family, the quiz is fairly reflective in reflecting their personality traits, although the accuracy of matching the cosmos to the respective MBTIs is arguable.

Do note that personality quizzes, including the coveted Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) quiz, is generally perceived as pseudoscience by psychologists.

2. Who created the Cosmos Persona quiz?

The creator of the Cosmos Persona quiz is Thailand digital artist Izon Falzo. He is also the main graphic designer behind the adorable illustrations in the quiz. According to the credits at the end of the quiz, fellow Thailand artist Dea also contributed to the project.


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