If quinoa is the new chia seeds, matcha has to be the new coffee in 2021. Before the caffeine junkies come rushing at me with their pitchforks and Nescafe pods, let me clarify. Coffee is in no way unhealthy. The controversy over the health adversity of coffee had already been cleared up. But there are two facts that remain: over-dependence and caffeine crash. This calls for a lifestyle change.

Craft Tea Fox is a local brand that sells matcha powder, hojicha powder and bottled latte drinks.

Matcha & Hojicha Powder

craft tea fox barista grade uji matcha powder

Craft Tea Fox has three different grades of matcha: Patissier ($12.9), Barista ($16.9) and Ceremonial ($19.9).

Patissier is a culinary grade powder that is mainly used in baking. Meanwhile, the Barista is a versatile mid-range matcha powder that can be used in both baking and drinks as it is slightly more nuanced in flavours. Lastly, Ceremonial is the most refined out of the three. It is recommend to drink this without sweeteners to fully appreciate its full range of flavours.

Craft Tea Fox’s Hojicha Powder ($16.9) is only available in Barista grade.

craft tea fox essential brewing kit inclusive of 20g barista grade uji matcha powder, 20g barista grade uji hojicha powder, and long bamboo whisk

The Essential Brewing Kit ($59) comprises 20g of barista-grade matcha, 20g of hojicha powder and a long bamboo whisk. The matcha is vibrant, slightly grassy, while the hojicha has an emphatic chocolatey punch.

The difference between this and individual packaging is the opportunity to try both drinks at a more affordable price. Bamboo whisks are also essential in aerating the matcha and hojicha slurry and preventing clumps. While a blender and regular whisk could work, bamboo whisks are more effective.

Its elegant packaging makes this a great gift as well.

Craft Tea Fox Bottled Lattes

craft tea fox Hojicha Latte review

Craft Tea Fox vacuum-seal their drinks to increase their shelf life up to five weeks. In comparison, cafe bottled drinks typically expire within a week.

Both drinks had an optimal level of sweetness- sweet enough to enhance the earthiness of the tea, without being saccharine. The texture was also on point. Full-body, creamy, without a powdery mouthfeel.

The Matcha and Hojicha Latte costs $7 whereas the Oat Milk variation costs $8, while the Matcha and Hojicha Latte Bundle ($42.8) includes six bottles of any combination.

All the mentioned products can be purchased on their official website or on Fairprice Online!

*This post is written in collaboration with Craft Tea Fox but all opinions are my own

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