In the pursuit of creating our dream homes, one essential element often overlooked is — curtains. Whether you’re settling into a new home (BTO, anyone?) or renovating your current living space, investing in the right curtains can transform your environment in countless ways. From the cosy embrace of blackout curtains in the bedroom to the enduring elegance of venetian blinds; not forgetting the convenience of motorised roller blinds, curtains serve as both functional and aesthetic cornerstones of interior design. If you really think about it, curtains are one of the most frequently used items in our homes, an integral part of our daily lives. Therefore, selecting durable, quality curtains is not just an option, but a wise investment.

Bid adieu to the standard IKEA curtains, and join us as we explore the six best curtain options in Singapore to elevate your living spaces.

1. Craft Axis

Spruce Guard Venetian Blinds. Photo: Craft Axis / Facebook

When it comes to enhancing your living spaces with curtains that not only look great — but also offer functionality and sustainability — Craft Axis stands out from its competitors.

Their Spruce Venetian Blinds are a testament to Craft Axis’ vision to effortlessly blend aesthetics with functionality. The Venetian blinds come in two series. For a lightweight, easy to manage, yet durable option, opt for the Spruce Timber Venetian Blinds, which are made from paulownia wood. These blinds would be perfect for the living room or bedroom. Meanwhile, the Spruce Guard are engineered for moisture-prone areas, such as your toilets and kitchen.

Beyond their Venetian series, Craft Axis also accommodates to different needs with a range of blinds and curtains, including roman blinds, day curtains, and motorised options. The fabric used are not only safe to use — certified by OEKO-TEX — but water repellent and stain free. 

Craft Axis

2. Secret Furnishing

Photo: Secret Furnishing

Secret Furnishing boasts a decade-long expertise in crafting cozy homes through their commitment to trust, transparency and competitive pricing. With a track record of furnishing over 10,000 homes, they offer a comprehensive selection of 100% custom-made window treatments, including curtains, window blinds, shades, wallpaper, and motorised zip blinds.

The BTO Curtains and Blinds Package allows customers to personalise their designs, combining night curtains, roller blinds, and Korean combi blinds seamlessly. As a one-stop-shop, Secret Furnishing provides an extensive range of colours and designs to complement any interior decor. Their dedicated specialists handle everything from curtain track installation to tieback measurements, ensuring a hassle-free experience and a perfect fit for every window. With their knowledge and expertise, Secret Furnishing guides customers in selecting the ideal window curtains based on factors like light-blocking, partial light filtration, and sheer options, guaranteeing customer satisfaction through professionalism and recommendations.

Secret Furnishing

3. Curtain Artistry

Photo: Curtain Artistry / Facebook

More than just a curtain shop in Singapore, Curtain Artistry specialises in home decoration and design-living.

When it comes to curtain shopping, Curtain Artistry keeps it refreshingly straightforward. With them, you’re just a quote away from transforming your space with ease as their professionals are ready to provide you with expert recommendations, making your decision-making a breeze. The best part? You won’t be met with any hidden costs or confusing pricing structures. They offer tailored packages for HDB BTO units with 3 rooms, 4 rooms, and 5 rooms, starting at just $500 in total. These packages also include free installation valued at $150.

If curtains aren’t your preference, Curtain Artistry has you covered with a selection of three types of blinds to choose from.

Curtain Artistry

4. Blinds Guru

Photo: Blinds Guru

When it comes to dressing up your windows with style and sophistication, Blinds Guru emerges as the ultimate choice in Singapore.

Not just because their curtains and blinds are manufactured and imported directly from South Korea though. For instance, the latest curtain technology from Korea — SsowinTex® Curvers Korean Curtains — is made up of a high-quality anti-static fabric that is silicone coated. Apart from its high-end material, it also allows you to easily control light and privacy. While designs and craftsmanship does matter, what truly sets Blinds Guru apart is their attention to details. They go the extra mile, providing personalised insights and advice on which of their products is best suited for their home.

Blinds Guru

5. QT Curtains & Furnishing

Photo: QT Curtains & Furnishing / Instagram

Perfect for those with late-night curtain-shopping craves — or a busy schedule — QT Curtains & Furnishing is open 24 hours to assist you with your home renovation plans.

QT Curtains & Furnishing specialises in custom-made curtains and blinds, ensuring that your unique vision for your home comes to life. You can choose from 13 different types of curtains and blinds, including motorised roller blinds, bamboo blinds, and even solar films. On top of a wide array of curtain types, you can also pick from a large collection of materials and colours, ensuring that it fits your home’s aesthetic perfectly.

What’s more, their user-friendly website simplifies the exploration process, allowing you to receive quick, hassle-free quotations. 

QT Curtains & Furnishing

6. Grayford Furnishings

Photo: Grayford Furnishings

Having 40 years of experience in the industry, you know you’re in good hands with Grayford Furnishings.

Beyond providing an extensive selection of fabrics and blinds, Grayford Furnishings offers more than just home decor. Their extensive knowledge of curtains allows them to provide expert guidance. Whether you’re seeking timeless elegance or modern functionality, they will ensure that you find the perfect fit for your space.

Visit their showroom to experience their offerings firsthand or take advantage of their free consultation service. 

Grayford Furnishings

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