Buying a gift for that special someone can be so exciting, yet frustrating at the same time. How likely would you be able to check off the boxes in getting the perfect gift? Affordable. Unique. Sincere.

Even with thousands of choices out there, it’s not as simple as it seems to pick out the right gift to impress your loved one or a friend. Customized gifts are definitely the way to go as they are more sincere and heartfelt. And you can’t go wrong with that!

Be Crafty allows you to customize your unique terrarium from scratch to capture personal memories. And guess what? You’ll enjoy the process and that’s quite a bonus! Here’s a simple guideline of how to create a customized terrarium for yourself or a gift!

1) Pick the base – plant pot

There are tons of choices from classic minimalistic designs to more funky ones that can match different house themes. If you prefer the terrarium to be seen clearly, the glass designs are highly recommended as it can give you a full overview of the plant with decorations. Prices range from $10-40!

2. Choose your plant or succulent

A terrarium ain’t a terrarium without the main star! Choose your pick – plants or succulents? Bear in mind that succulents are usually more sensitive to water intake, so it might be slightly trickier to take care of as compared to plants.

3. Create a memorable scenery

Here comes the interesting part! Explore your creativity with these miniature toppers that represent something special to the recipient. You won’t believe it but there are even Starbucks and Bubble Tea toppers! There’s plenty of choices you might just overdo it. Most of the decorations cost about $1-2 only!

Be Crafty Terrarium Workshops - Charms

4. Get your items ready

Place all your items in the basket and hand it to the staff to fix it for you. If you wish to personally DIY the terrarium for a fun experience, feel free to do it too!

Here’s our final masterpiece! The final prices are quite affordable ($25-30 each) given that it’s a one-of-a-kind gift that is personalised and thoughtful for the recipient.

Be Crafty SG also holds terrarium workshops so be sure to check them out especially if you’re looking for hens party ideas! If you’re looking for other options for customized gifts, they also have personalized musical box and preserved flowers!

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