The latest Korean BBQ restaurant in Tanjong Pagar’s food scene, Daejim adds a new modern twist to traditional Korean pojangmacha.

Launching on 1 September, Daejim specialise in grilled meat and seafood. Aside from a fine selection of quality wagyu beef and air-flown fresh seafood from Korea, its menu includes popular Korean dishes such as soy-marinated raw crabs, and gabisal, a sweet and savoury prime beef short rib. 

Pojangmacha, or pocha in short, is a type of tent bar that serves cheap and good street food. Daejim aims to provide the nostalgic and casual atmosphere of food trucks in the comforts of a restaurant.

Korean BBQ menu 

Their barbecue menu includes a wide variety of raw and marinated meat. We tried their Oysters (6 for $38), Scallops (6 for $50) and Abalone (4 for $48). The oysters and scallops were briny, while the abalone had the perfect texture — firm, but soft enough for our teeth to sink in effortlessly. Considering how fresh everything was, I thought the prices were reasonable, especially the abalones.

Daejim uses a charcoal grill, blessing the ingredients with a smoky aroma that cannot be recreated with electric grills

Meanwhile, the Sam-gyeob sal ($25), was nicely marbled. The cut-up pieces were bestowed with a light crispy char. Black pig is a speciality from Jeju, often touted as the wagyu beef of pork.

The Hang-jung Sal ($25), or pork jowl, had the perfect melt-in-your-mouth texture. Despite being one of the fattier portion in pigs, it wasn’t decadent at all. In comparison to the pork belly, this actually felt less fatty, even though pork jowl typically has a thicker layer of fats compared to the belly. They almost felt like really tender pieces of lean meat. It also had a sweet undertone that the pork belly lacked.

Daejim’s beef short ribs can be enjoyed in multiple ways. You can get it marinated, with the bone or without. We ordered the Kkotsal ($45), prime special flower beef short ribs, to better appreciate its natural rich beefy flavours.

Amazing marbling on the beef short ribs

Fortunately, the staff cooked everything for us. Otherwise, we would’ve definitely wasted the quality ingredients.

The ingredients can either be ordered a la carte or in a set. Appropriate for 2-4 pax, Daejim’s BBQ Meat Set includes one steam egg, a choice of soup, three cream cheese croquette and one cheese fondue. Diners can choose among seven combinations of meat, including Chicken and Pork ($72), Black Pork Set ($93) and Seafood Set ($118).

A portion of the Seafood Set, which also includes squid and grilled mackerel

Other dishes

Aside from Korean BBQ, Daejim also offers stews, pancakes, rice balls, fried chicken and raw dishes.

Budae Jigae ($28 for M, $48 for L)

We recommend the Ganjang Gejang ($40) and Yukhoe ($35) — soy-marinated raw crabs and Korean beef tartare; both dishes are not commonly found in Singapore.

The Korean Steam Egg ($6) is a must-get on Daejim’s menu. A comforting side dish at a reasonable price, the eggs were soft and fluffy, and a great dish to balance out the heavy flavours of Korean BBQ.

Lastly, diners who are looking for a quick but satisfying meal can also order individual meals. The list comprises of Kimchi Jjigae ($18), Sundubu Jiggae ($18) and Samgyetang ($20). Less commonly found Korean dishes in Singapore, such as Mul Naengmyeon ($16), cold buckwheat noodles and Bibim Naengmyeon ($18), the spicy variation, are also available.

Daejim’s exclusive soju cocktails

No pojangmocha is complete without beverages, especially alcoholic ones.

Aside from typical Korean alcohol such as soju and makgeolli, Daejim offers a selection of six soju cocktails: Blood Orange Squash, Magnificent Lady, Plum Sour, Soju de Coco, Pine Bull and Love Potion; all are priced at $18.

We tried their Honeycomb Makgeolli ($38), which is meant for two pax. The honeycomb slowly melts into the sparkling rice wine, infusing a floral sweetness that we found really enjoyable. But what’s stopping you from taking a big bite of the honeycomb directly?

From 1-30 September, get 4x Cheese Scallops air flown from Korea with every order of the BBQ set.

Location: 4 Craig Road, Singapore 089664
Tel: +65 9796 9593
Opening hours:


*This article is written in collaboration with Daejim, but all opinions are of my own

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